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  September 14, 1999

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Hitman shares his typical workout

By JEFF HILL -- Calgary Sun

HART TO HEART ... Bret puts Jeff to the mat with his touch workout. -- Jason Finley, Calgary Sun
The Pro-file section of FIT START allows me the opportunity of joining local and international athletes and celebrities in their workout regimes.

This time around I was honoured to join Bret Hart, a.k.a. The Hitman, a.k.a. The Excellence of Execution.

I've always been an admirer of Bret and his in-your-face wrestling style, so I was obviously excited to witness how he stays in such good shape.

He is certainly not the oldest athlete in World Championship Wrestling, but he's not the youngest either, so he has to stay in top shape to maintain his elite status.

In order to help him to do just that, Bret solicits the help of personal trainer Grant McReynolds who has a list of accomplishment.

He's been named Canada's strongest man, twice, as well as North American Powerlifting Champion and Canadian Olympic Powerlifting Champion.

I let the big boys put me through the paces.

To begin, McReynolds had us warm up our legs on the leg sled. We did four sets of 12 to 14 repetitions with the weight maxxing out at 505 lb. for 10 repetitions.

By the last set my legs were beginning to take on the consistency of rubber.

On to hamstring curls where once again the weight just kept getting heavier and heavier. Three more sets of 12-14 reps finishing off with 10 repetitions at 180 lb. I felt like jumping in water puddles because now my legs were completely rubber.

On to calf raises, where we once again did three sets of 15 repetitions this time, with the finishing weight of 400 lb. ending the leg portion of the workout.

When I work out, I'm not much into talking and socializing. Hart is the same way even though he was always approachable and polite.

I was feeling quite proud in that, so far I was maintaining the workout at the same weights and repetitions as Bret. Then we began the bench press portion.

Even though this was not a contest, the Hitman put me to shame. We started by doing flat bench and after warming up began our five-set regimen.

Finishing off with 330 lb., I was only able to do two reps while Bret handled five without trouble.

Then came dumbbell flies: Three sets of 10 reps and while I finished at 75-lb. dumbbells for six reps, Bret manhandled 100-lb. dumbbells for 10 repetitions.

His form was perfect. No wonder they call him the Excellence of Execution.

To conclude the chest, we did incline bench press, where Bret finished off at 240 lb. for eight-10 reps. At this point my chest was so pumped I contemplated putting on a sports bra.

We went on to deadlifts. The object is to lift dead weight off the ground with strict form and movement.

We did three sets at 275 lb. for 10 repetitions.

Not only do your legs, back and forearms scream, your heart rate races.

Of course, Bret worked hard and did this exercise fluidly and with a good reserve of strength.

Finally, we went to the abdominals where Bret is required to do incline sit-ups, 50 reps straight, everyday.

A good burn to say the least.

Abdominals react well to frequent training so Bret prefers to train them daily as opposed to spotted throughout the week.

That was just one workout that Bret does when he's in town. In order to exercise the whole body he does several other exercises throughout the week.

Although he says having McReynolds gives him good incentive -- whether he's jet lagged or just plain tired.

No matter what you think of professional wrestling, Bret Hart is a big name. Now, I know he's not only tough but in incredible shape.

To McReynolds and the gang at Archer Personal Training, thanks for the work out.

Bret, I wish you the best of luck in your return to WCW.

As for me I feel excellently executed.

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