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  Apr. 16, 1999

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Davey Boy overwhelmed by support
By MATT BURNS -- Stampede Wrestling
Davey Boy and wife Diana. Photo courtesy Stampede Wrestling.
Davey Boy and Stu Hart. Photo courtesy Stampede Wrestling.
Let me start this update with the following: WOW!

The enormous support for Davey Boy continues to pour in, with an average of 1500 messages being received every 2 days! I am buried in e-mails but I want to assure everyone that they ARE being delivered to Davey on a regular basis. Due to the enormous volume it is simply impossible for him to reply to the mails, however you are all brightening his days with your warm wishes.

I just returned from visiting Davey in the hospital and have attached a couple of pictures I snapped while visiting. When I arrived, the room was already quite full with family members, namely Davey's wife Diana, Stu & Helen Hart, Ellie Neidhart, and BJ Annis (Georgia Hart's husband). The family is behind Davey 100% and are doing what they can to keep up his spirits. Oh, did I mention THE DOGS? That's right, somehow Davey's two dogs MaryLegs and Dainty were smuggled in for a visit. The first photo shows Davey with Diana, MaryLegs and Dainty. For the record, Mary is sitting on the batch of e-mails I delivered on this visit! The second shows Davey with, of course, the Legendary Stu Hart. The strange-looking apparatus on Davey's midsection is a custom-fit brace that stretches from his waist to his neck. Between the family and the stacks of high-tech medical gizmos around his bed, the room gets awful small very quickly!

His treatments are extremely painful and wear him right down, however his spirits are up and he remains optimistic in this time of uncertainty. It is still unknown when he might be released from the hospital. He asked me to pass on a big hello to all his fans around the world and to thank you all very much for rallying behind him while he has been ill.

Further updates on Davey's condition will follow as they happen.

That's it for this edition, which is dedicated solely to the update of Davey Boy's condition. I will have another edition of the Mailing List in the next couple of days with updates regarding Stampede Wrestling show dates and information on the cards. Note that there has been a show update on the main page of the website, cards to follow shortly. Also, there are some rumblings about an Edmonton show next month...nothing official at this time, however the Mailing List readers will be the first to know!

Remember, if you know of someone who may be interested in joining our Mailing List, they can send a msg with their E-mail address in the subject line to to join.

So in the meantime and in between time, that's it, another edition of the Mailing List.

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