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  Aug 23, 1999

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READER ALERT: For all the latest wrestling happenings, check out our News & Rumours section.

ECW hyped about TNN debut

JUSTIN CREDIBLE Justin Credible (left) with Dawn Marie (center) and Canadian grappler Lance Storm (right).
 It is the event that many wrestling fans have been waited years for.

This Friday night at 8pm on the Nashville Network, Extreme Championship Wrestling will make its first appearance on TV in Canada.

"We have a saying," Paul Heyman, company owner and head promoter said over the phone last week. "Watch it, you'll like it to the extent that you will tell your friends about it."

ECW has been around for about six years mostly gaining a cult following through word of mouth advertising. The organization is known for its hardcore style and has alumni such as Steve Austin, Raven and Mick Foley.

The first show was already taped on Aug.14 in front of 4,000 fans in Toledo, Ohio.

Although the tapings did not go as smoothly as was hoped, Heyman still promises a solid show.

"There are some things that are not going to air that were scheduled to air, but the things that are going to air, I'm real pumped about" he said.

ECW World Heavyweight Champion Taz said that the company is going to tape the following weeks show this Thursday in Queens, NY. He will finally have the opportunity to remove a thorn from his side when he meets up with Yoshiro Tajiri.

"Thats where it all started, thats where he picked a fight with me and thats where its going to end," Taz said.

"The whole country and half the world can see Tajiri tap out to the Tazmission."

In order to help Canadian fans who may not have seen ECW this week SLAM! Wrestling is focusing on ECW. We have interviewed to Taz, Heyman and hardcore icon Justin Credible. We will also have biographies of all of the stars of ECW so that our readers can familiarize yourself with many of these great grapplers.

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