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SLAM! Wrestling ECW Stories

Forensic accountant and fan Bob Kapur takes a look

An analysis of ECW's Bankruptcy Petition

By BOB KAPUR -- For SLAM! Wrestling
 Sometimes the life of a forensic accountant is a lot of fun. Most days we get to work on complex fraud investigations, where the financial records are like puzzle pieces, with every document an interlocking connection to the next, and only when they are all in place can the picture be revealed.
  Some days, however, are not so good. For example, when we're called in to look at the books of a dying company to review the dismal financial situation and figure out what went wrong. Bankruptcies are all too common, each one reminding you how easily the fiscal tides can change... and drown you in a wave of debt.
  • Apr. 12: Full story

    ECW's stunning money woes made public

    By JOHN POWELL -- SLAM! Wrestling
     To the shock of wrestling fans, ECW dirty laundry is finally being aired through documents released by the Southern District of New York Bankruptcy Court. ECW President, Paul Heyman, voluntarily filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on April 4th through the parent company of Extreme Championship Wrestling -- HHG Corporation -- thereby dissolving the notoriously hardcore wrestling promotion.
  • Apr. 11: Full story

    Questions surround ECW PPV

    By JOHN POWELL -- SLAM! Wrestling
     Canadian Extreme Championship Wrestling fans are still in the dark. It is less than a week away and still there is no word on whether ECW's Living Dangerously pay-per-view will air this weekend. Viewer's Choice, Canada's primary pay-per-view broadcaster, is keeping the Sunday night slot open but isn't holding out much hope.
  • Mar. 5: Full story

    Source: End is near for ECW

    By JOHN POWELL -- SLAM! Wrestling
     Though hardcore wrestling fans are hoping that ECW owner Paul Heyman will be able to swing a deal to pull the financially troubled underdog wrestling federation out of its present tailspin, an inside source says Extreme Championship Wrestling's days are numbered.
    "I think it (the promotion) is all done," the insider told SLAM! Wrestling.
  • Jan. 26: Full story

    A November Julio Dinero will remember

    By ALEX RISTIC -- SLAM! Wrestling
     This weekend's ECW pay-per-view, November To Remember, promises to be one that Julio Dinero will never forget. After all, it will be his first PPV appearance for the company in a wrestling capacity.
     Dinero has been on PPVs before, most notably last year's forgettable Heroes of Wrestling card (as Julio Fantastico), as well as previous ECW cards running interference, but this will be the first time he gets to let his stuff shine for a hardcore audience out in cableland.
  • Nov. 3: Full story

    Jerry Lynn new ECW champ

    By JOHN POWELL -- SLAM! Wrestling
    Though it took 12 long years, Jerry Lynn can testify to the fact that good things come to those who wait. Last night at the ECW Anarchy Rulz pay-per-view in his home state of Minnesota, Lynn whipped Justin Credible to win the ECW World Heavyweight Championship. Participating in a string of pro wrestling's better matches over the last five years, Lynn's push as champ can be directly attributed to his sensational work inside of the squared circle. ECW recognized the value of Lynn's in-ring contribution to the promotion and rightfully rewarded him for it on Sunday night.
  • Oct. 2: Full story

    Ouellet still working on ECW deal

    By GREG OLIVER -- SLAM! Wrestling
     Over the past few months, Carl Ouellet has been pretty busy. He has gone from the Quebec indy circuit to facing the ECW World Champion Justin Credible in the ECW Arena. Plus he just returned from a tour of Saudi Arabia.
     Ouellet is hoping that his life is about to stabilize once again, as he is close to working out the final details of a contract with ECW. The former WWF tag team champ doesn't expect any trouble in that regard.
     And he loves ECW so far.
  • July 19: Full story

    ECW's Heat Wave fizzles

    By JOHN POWELL -- SLAM! Wrestling
    CORINO It took Steve Corino three minutes to wear a "crimson mask" at ECW's Heat Wave 2000. To see RVD debut his Van Terminator move, click here (1MB).
     When I think of barbed wire, blood and torn flesh comes to mind. Terry Funk fighting Sabu. Dusty Rhodes battling Tully Blanchard. Cactus Jack brawling Terry Funk and any number of psychotic bouts in the Land Of The Rising Sun. Next to the Japanese promotions, ECW has built its hardcore reputation around that infamous roll of razor-sharp wire. It's even featured prominently in many of their logos. Too bad it wasn't at the Heat Wave 2000 pay-per-view. After all the hype surrounding the main event Stairway To Hell match, it was presumed that we'd see Tommy Dreamer and Justin Credible using the roll of barbed wire hanging above the ring to its full potential. That wasn't the case. Besides a few choice moves in the closing moments, it wasn't even a factor.
  • July 17: Full story

    Lynn ready to shine at Heat Wave

    By JOHN F. MOLINARO -- SLAM! Wrestling
     You would think after breaking his ankle and being put on the proverbial injury reserve list for three months that Jerry Lynn would be a little more cautious inside the ring, that he'd tone it down a bit.
     Think again.
  • July 14: Full story

    Column: And Nothing but the Truth

    ECW is hardly the big leagues

    By ERIC BENNER -- For SLAM! Wrestling
     I don't often have much to say about ECW. In Canada, many of us only get their ECW on TNN program, and that's just one hour a week of wrestling. Plus, I remember being told at some point to say nothing when you have nothing good to say. Oh well, so much for that.
      There is no big three. ECW is a second-rate promotion, and at this rate, that's the best they'll ever be. Here are five reasons why.
  • July 14: Full story
  • Previous Eric Benner columns

    Heyman pulls plug on ECW conference call

    By JOHN F. MOLINARO -- SLAM! Wrestling
     An ECW conference call with Joey Styles and TV Champion Rhino was cancelled at the last minute today.
     The call, set up by ECW in co-operation with David Schwartz of CBS Cable, was scheduled for noon today. After a half hour delay, Schwartz addressed the assembled members of the media, stating that ECW executive producer Paul Heyman pulled the plug on the conference call.
  • June 8: Full story

    Credible retains title at Hardcore Heaven

    By JOHN POWELL -- SLAM! Wrestling
     How can you tell you're hardcore? You hold a wrestling pay-per-view on Mother's Day. Not a good idea. Call it Karma. Call it Mother Nature showing she truly has the stroke. Call it coincidence or maybe, just maybe...the collective negative energy from all those Moms whose families ducked out on them to watch wrestling came to bear on ECW as it held its Hardcore Heaven pay-per-view from The Rave in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
  • May 15: Full story

    Justin's a 'Credible' champion

    By JOHN F. MOLINARO -- SLAM! Wrestling
     This Sunday, Justin Credible defends the ECW World Heavyweight title against Lance Storm and Tommy Dreamer in a three-way dance in the main event at ECW's Hardcore Heaven pay-per-view.
     Having won the title last month at Cyberslam 2000 at Philadelphia's ECW Arena, Credible is looking forward to headlining his first pay-per-view on top as World champ.
  • May 12: Full story
  • More on Justin Credible

    Credible ECW champ at Cyberslam

    By JOHN F. MOLINARO -- SLAM! Wrestling
    Tazz defeated Mike Awesome to win the ECW World Heavyweight title Thursday night in Indianapolis at a TNN TV Taping.
     Tazz was on loan from the WWF and is not returning to ECW on a full time basis. The title tilt was a battle between a WWF and WCW star fighting for the ECW World title. Awesome was accompanied at the building by WCW head of security Doug Dillenger, acting as a representative for WCW.
  • Apr. 22: Full story

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