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  June 8, 2000

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Heyman pulls plug on ECW conference call
By JOHN F. MOLINARO -- SLAM! Wrestling

Terry "Rhino" Richards. Courtesy ECW.
An ECW conference call with Joey Styles and TV Champion Rhino was cancelled at the last minute today.

The call, set up by ECW in co-operation with David Schwartz, publicity manager for TNN, was scheduled for noon today. After a half-hour delay, Schwartz apologized to the assembled members of the media, stating that ECW executive producer Paul Heyman pulled the plug on the conference call.

Schwartz said Heyman did not give a specific reason for cancelling but feels the decision has something to do with the TNN censoring their show last Friday.

"Paul had made a last minute decision that it wasn't a good idea with everything going on," said Schwartz. "In light of the current situation going on between them and TNN and I assume he felt it was a good idea to cancel."

Schwartz also feels Heyman cancelled in light of the fact the WWF will go to court on Monday over the proposed CBS agreement, a deal that if allowed to go through would likely see ECW kicked off of TNN, which is owned by CBS.

"Obviously with the court date next Monday, I guess Paul wanted to lay low right now," explained Schwartz.

Paul Heyman was unable to be reached for comment.

SLAM! interviews Rhino, July 1999
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