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  Sep 20, 1999

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ECW has an Awesome new champ
It's tough to predict who will win on an ECW pay-per-view, especially when the matches bear little resemblance to the announced card.

Take the main event at Sunday's Anarchy Rulz. Or what everyone thought was the main event - Taz vs Masato Tanaka for the ECW World title. Well, the match actually turned out to be a Three Way Dance between Taz, Tanaka and Mike Awesome.

The long history of animosity between Awesome and Tanaka was a factor, as they brawled early on.

But then the two enemies teamed up to eliminate Taz, when Awesome came off the top rope with a huge splash.

In the end, Awesome gave Masato Tanaka an 'Awesome bomb' from the top rope through a table to become the new ECW World champ.

In other matches:
  • In a pre-match melee, Johnny Smith was injured by Balls Mahoney, so it was Balls vs Rob Van Dam for the ECW TV title. RVD won with a frog splash.
  • Raven and Tommy Dreamer beat Steve Corino and Rhino to retain the ECW tag team titles
  • In a bit of an upset, Justin Credible beat Sabu with a "That's Incredible" on a steel chair for the pin
  • Yoshihiro Tajiri beat Little Guido and Super Crazy in a Three Way Dance
  • Tom Marquez vs Jazz ended in no contest when Nova, Chris Chetti, Simon Diamond and Tony DeVito interfered. So, it became a tag team match that was chaotic until New Jack showed up with a can of weapons and cleared house.
  • Lance Storm pinned Jerry Lynn with a cradle roll-up.
  • Dark match: Danny Doring and Roadkill beat Wild Bill Wiles and C.W. Anderson
-- By GREG OLIVER, SLAM! Wrestling

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