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Monday, August 10, 1998

SLAM! Wrestling Guest Column

WWF didn't need Sunny

By DAN CARRUTHERS -- For SLAM! Wrestling

When Sunny announced at Extreme Championship Wrestling's "HeatWave 98" Pay Per View that she was leaving the World Wrestling Federation, many of my friends were amazed. They wondered why Vince McMahon would let her go so easily. I wondered why Vince never got rid of her months ago.

Think back to WrestleMania 12 when the Bodydonnas won the tag team titles. Back and forth she went, from them, to the Godwinns, to the Smoking Gunns. She served as visual distractions to her opponents. But why was she really there? To provide great storylines. You never knew which team she would side with. Her stock rose up until she was "slopped" by Phineas Godwinn.

The problem with Sunny was the amount of times she went back from a heel to a face or vice-versa. She started as a stick-up model, who threw tantrums when Sable made an appearance in Raw magazine. She kept that role until she sided with the Godwinn brothers, but then went back only days later when she took over the Smoking Gunns. The fans loved watching her no matter what role she played, and finally she became a face after letting go of Faarooq. She kept that role until she left the Federation in July. She might have enjoyed the WWF for a longer period of time if she was always managing someone, instead of changing her roles more times than her outfits.

Now that Fytch is gone, let's compare her to an "equal" woman, Sable. What did Sunny have to offer that Sable can't do better? Sunny showed off her beauty by appearing in Raw magazines and wearing skimpy outfits to the ring. Sable did the same, as well as show off her assets in Evening Gown matches and the recent Bikini Contest. Sunny distracted other teams with her cunning wits and beauty. Sable does that now with Marvelous Marc Mero.

So why was Sable always more popular than Sunny? One reason may be the fact that Sable has always kept one role. Another may be that while Sunny did more interviews and appearances, Sable actually did something with her interviews. She spreads messages, direct or indirect. She gives people someone to look up to in the Steve Austin era. Whether it's dumping Marc Mero or believing in "inner" beauty (ie. The Parade of Oddities) she always sends a positive message. Sunny was the total opposite, she was just there to show herself off and steal the spotlight.

The World Wrestling Federation gave a simple goodbye to Fytch, wishing her well in the ECW with her fiancee Chris Candido. Fytch will do well in the smaller market federation, and although the pay might be less, she gets to devote her time to Candido. Finally, Sunny should get her spotlight back, and it shouldn't take long, because what Tamara Fytch wants, Tamara Fytch gets.

Dan Carruthers is from Calgary, Alberta and can be emailed at

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