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Wednesday, August 12, 1998

SLAM! Wrestling Guest Column

How far should the WWF go?

By BOB MORRIS -- For SLAM! Wrestling

There are those that complain about the current direction of the WWF. They say it isn't good for kids to see this stuff. Some respond that parents should monitor what their kids watch. Still others say people should just leave wrestling alone and let those who enjoy it do so.

But it might not be a bad idea for wrestling fans to ask themselves the question: "How far is too far?"

I'm not going to approach the subject of the WWF's current direction on whether or not kids should be watching it. Instead, I'll approach it this way...once they've done something that may be considered "over the edge," how much further can they go without turning off viewers...whether it's kids, teenagers, adults, families...anybody..

I know a lot of guys were flipping out over Sable and her painted breasts at Fully Loaded. But...what can they do they to top that? (No pun intended) The only thing I can come up with is to let Sable show off her breasts, completely bare.

DX finds a woman in the crowd to flash everyone...and there's X-Pac dropping his pants and mooning the crowd when the cameras aren't on. Sure, fans get a rise out of these antics...but what happens when those fans demand something new? What are you going to do to top those antics?

I know times have changed, and what wasn't acceptable at one time has become acceptable in today's world. But over time, we've had the line continually erased and re-drawn. How long can that keep happening? At some point, I have to think something will come along, where people declare "enough is enough," and react accordingly.

Ask yourself this question: What do you consider to be "crossing the line?" What would cause you to turn off the WWF if you saw it happen on TV or at a house show? Are there certain issues you don't think are appropriate for storylines? What if they came up...would you keep watching?

I can accept the fact there are people out there who don't find anything wrong with what they see going on in the WWF. My personal opinion is that some of the sexual stuff is distracting, and seldom, if ever, has anything to do with a storyline. Think about it. How does DX getting a girl to flash everyone advance their feud with the Nation? It doesn't do a thing for that, does it?

Don't just dwell on my remarks as somebody who is trying to tell you what is and isn't appropriate for wrestling, because it's not. It's all about asking you, the wrestling fans, the far can the WWF go before they force YOU to change the channel?

Bob Morris is from Rocky Ford, Colorado and can be emailed at

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