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Monday, March 15, 1999

SLAM! Wrestling Guest Column

Hardcore is hardbore (yawn)

By NEIL BATT -- For SLAM! Wrestling

First it was the WWF trying to hone in on ECW, and now after the Uncensored PPV last night, WCW is trying to do the same with their "hardcore" matches and angles.

Some may label me a traditonalist and so be it, because I believe wrestling matches should take place in the ring, not in the back stage area or the parking lot. The matches appear to have no thought put into to them for entertainment value other than to see how much junk the wresler can beat each other up with.

I can remember the days when the most you saw used was a chair or maybe the most famous international object ever, brass nuckles, was used by the evil, bad guy to harm our heroes. Now with this hardcore type wrestling nothing seems uncommon to wack somebody with.

If the "Big 2" feel no threat from Paul Heyman's organization, then why persue these angles? The are always taking some pot shot at ECW but then try to get over one of their type of matches.

I have also heard talk about trying to get ECW TV here in Canada. Well, for those of you who have not seen ECW on TV yet, you are not missing much. I have been watching ECW on TV for 3 months now and I have probably seen 15 matches in those three months. ECW TV format appears to be having their athletes come out to be censored because of their language and then have whomever they are feuding with come out then start to brawl. On last week's show they had two matches in the hour. The first ending was not shown because everybody and his uncle had come to the ring to interfere, which appears to be legal in ECW. The second match had one guy attacked before the bell and then when his partner took his place he had to fight off the guy he was facing in the ring plus two on the outside and a women.

ECW is no where near the TV quality of either WCW or the WWF. Hardcore is not wrestling, not even close. It is a yard sale gone bad that from now on will be intermission time for me. I truly hope that the WWF and WCW will soon stop filling time with these garbage matches and get back to "real" wrestling where it is supposed to be, between the ropes.

Neil Batt is from Kelowna, BC, and can be emailed at

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