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Wednesday, December 2, 1998

SLAM! Wrestling Guest Column

Nash's push should reunite Outsiders

By MICKEY POSNER -- For SLAM! Wrestling

Dallas Page couldn't do it. The Giant couldn't do it either. Scott Hall had no chance. Raven was just another fallen prey. Hollywood Hogan gave up too easily. Forget about Bryan Adams.

And to the other 145-something opponents of World Championship Wrestling- better luck next time.

No one has been able to dismantle the current WCW Heavyweight Champion, Bill Goldberg.

Sure. You love to hate him. You lust for the day when he finally goes down for the 3-count.

Maybe the chanting of "Oldberg" is finally holding true. Maybe his undefeated angle is getting ancient, but odd as it appears that's truly the best part. It might even be what eventually brings WCW to the top of the professional wrestling industry again.

In my opinion, there are two ways to beat Goldberg (aside from him jobbing to someone). The first method is to find someone even bigger and more powerful than he is.

Practically impossible.

But, there is a way. Forget about Ric Flair...

The fact that Goldberg has yet put Kevin Nash's shoulders on the mat for the three-count is an answer to WCW's executive committee's prayers. The 'Division of Wrestlers' storyline with nWo Hollywood , nWo Black and Red, and now the lWo, has been the core of almost every single main event in the WCW the past two or three years. In other words, it's not difficult to infer from the fans' feedbacks that it is time for a change.

This is the perfect opportunity to have a shift of power in the WCW now that Hogan has supposedly retired. Why not reunite the Outsiders? Hall has finally cleaned up his 'drunk' act- so why not have him somehow interfere in the Goldberg-Nash match at Starrcade? Throw in Lex Luger along the way and let the New Outsiders be a powerful triple threat.

With the fact that Hall interfered in the match, Goldberg's career, which is riding so much on the (cursed) 'streak', can be somewhat saved for that it would give him a decent purpose to keep brawling in WCW.

Believe it or not, the match would create a whole new face in the WCW. For example, the break-up of the Wolfpack could cause Sting to rethink things and return to his old form (the days of the brightly bleached hair) With that happening, I foresee a GREAT feud with Konan- similar to the Stinger's prolonged, but exciting, feud with Big Van Vader a few years back.

Hollywood Black and White would be dismantled, and it could start several individual feuds- how does The Giant vs. Scott Steiner sound? Last but not least, let the lWo do their thing in the currently most exciting division of them all, the cruiserweight division.

And with all that happening, who cares about the Warrior anymore?

Mickey Posner is from Coram, NY. He can be emailed at

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