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Wednesday, February 3, 1999

SLAM! Wrestling Guest Column

Hanging on through Nitro

By ELAINE COCHRAN -- For SLAM! Wrestling

Quick, get the smelling salts. I'm fading fast!

This week's Nitro recap: Chris Jericho loses again, no Sting, no Macho Man, no Raven, a brief glimpse of Diamond Dallas Page, a short Goldberg interview, Bret Hart commentating, and Scott Hall as the Main Event. A total blow-out as far as I am concerned.

Now, I consider myself a faithful WCW fan. I have sit through every Nitro for almost two years. I rarely miss Thunder and I usually watch Saturday night. I'have attended live events and ordered most PPV's in the past year, but I am getting frustrated. Where is Nitro going with this?

Last week we saw a great cruiserweight bout, the Outsiders in the ring, Bret Hart back in action and three of the Four Horsemen in a six man tag match. How did they get from there to what we saw tonight?

World Championship Wrestling has some of the greatest talent in wrestling and we get to watch Kidman (an awesome athlete) face (what was his name?) Larue. We were treated to an "extreme" match between Bam Bam and the Sandman (this is when I headed to the refrigerator for a snack), watched Jericho get totally humiliated and spent endless time in the dressing room with the snickering Wolfpac.

We suffer through another Scott Steiner microphone rampage and one of the most charismatic wrestlers in WCW, Jericho, doesn't utter a word. And what is the deal with Big Poppa Pump and Buff? Are they attached at the hip? If Big Poppa is supposed to be their idea of a sex symbol, I'll take mine elsewhere. As for Buff, I have to wonder if he hasn't farted in the bathtub and ate the bubbles one time too many.

There were a couple of good events during the evening. The Cat finally got the beating he deserved, the Benoit/Malenko versus Hennig/Windham match was good and we got to see Saturn's latest gown. Oh, and I can't forget Disco getting two much-needed thrashings from DDP and the Horsemen.

After much thought, I have put together a few suggestions for future matches that I think would really ignite Nitro.

- A Bret Hart/Scott Steiner match would be great. I think Bret can take him and it would be a great place to start on the NWO.

-How about DDP and Luger? When Luger's Wolfpac buddies do their usual run in during the match, bring Sting out of the rafters to clean house.

- How about a battle of the juniors between Chavo, Jr. and Rey Mysterio, Jr.

- Turn Booker T loose on Kevin "Big Sexy" Nash. Any interference would be intercepted by Stevie Ray setting the stage for the reformation of Harlem Heat.

- A loser gives up the right to whine match between Raven and Jericho would be a fantastic match.

- I wonder how Hollywood would hold up against Wrath? It would be interesting to find out.

I could go on and on considering the wealth of talent at WCW, but the bottom line is they need to get focused and start giving us real matches.

I am diligently trying to hang in there, but another Nitro like tonight and I fear that even smelling salts won't revive me.

A final suggestion -- for gosh sakes, somebody please get poor Miss Elizabeth a back brace or something before she topples forward!

Elaine Cochran is from Elk City, OK, and can be emailed at

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