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April 26, 2000

Why The Rock deserves the belt

ByJAY FENDLEY -- For SLAM! Wrestling

Judging by his recent article, Andy Bloeser is someone who obviously does not pay attention to the world of wrestling today.

In this day and age, the fans are the determining factors to who is big, and who is not.

Right now, The Rock is big, Triple H is big, Vince McMahon is big.

Today we watch as guys such as Triple H and Jeff Jarrett run their mouths on how great they are. How they are The Game, or they are The Chosen One. Meanwhile, in the ring the only real thing that they do is win a match with the use of outside interference.

Bloeser believes that it is not how good you are with the mic, it is how well you do in the ring that should determine your push, with the combination of being able to pull off a great interview an added dimension.

The Rock is one of the more giften athletes when it comes to good old wrestling.

The Rock's punches are probably the best in the business today, with the exception of a few. He knows how to work a crowd, and he knows how to do it in style.

For someone to come and bash The Rock for not having the proper skills to be the WWF champion, says only one thing to me: Bloeser does not watch enough wrestling to say one way or another who deserves the belt.

It is a given that Triple H is a great character. It is a given that he knows how to work the crowd, and he is a great heel. However, not since the days of Hulk Hogan and Roddy Piper has someone held the WWF title as long as Triple H has, and it is time to have the belt move on.

With the impending comebacks of the Rattlesnake Steve Austin, and the Undertaker, as well as the up and comers Chris Jericho, and The Big Show, the WWF needs to begin new stories. Have new champions and get moving.

Does that Rock deserve the belt? Yes, he does. Because the fans want it that way. The fans love The Rock, and The Rock brings in the money.

If you say that The Rock does not deserve the title because he does not have the in ring skills. I have three words for ya.....Slam, Boot, Legdrop!

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Jay Fendley is from Milton, ON and can be emailed at

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