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Wednesday, December 19, 2001

XWF our saviour?


Since the demise of World Championship (WCW) Wrestling and Extreme Championship Wrestling we have seen the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) as the only wrestling promotion that is viewed all across the world. By doing this has Vince won? Has he achieved the goals that he set? My answer to that is no. I'm sure that Vince has mixed feelings about the demise of two major rival companies. Indeed he now has all the spotlight but it can be clearly seen that ratings are down and general interest in the WWF is decreasing at an alarming rate.

 Over previous week's the WWF have severely struggled to pull out a solid ratings score, the best being 4.65 for Raw and 4.2 for Smackdown. Now, if we cast our minds back to January, when WCW still had Nitro & Thunder running it is possible to see that Raw was scoring a 5.6 while Smackdown achieved a 4.9 rating.

 Indeed there may be other factors affecting this, but in my eyes it looks like competition is the main factor that is causing this decrease in ratings. To my knowledge many former WCW fans will not tune into the WWF just because they feel that they are responsible for the demise of WCW and other simply do not like the way the product is presented. Every top businessmen will know that competition is essential, by having competition the viewers have a choice in which to watch and on may occasion will see that one product is better than the other, therefore tuning into that product on a regular basis.

 A few months ago we saw that Main Event Championship Wrestling was a main contender to battle the WWF, where did that go to? MECW appeared like it had a bright future, we were wrong. MECW created a few ripples in the wrestling world and that's about it.

 Now, we hear the letters X, W and F. The XWF promises that "The XWF is a revolutionary concept in wrestling Sum 'No More Prima Donnas' Sum'No More Politics' Sum we have an even-playing field. Whether a worker has wrestled for ten minutes or ten years, if he or she has the talent, they can achieve success." Does this company have potential to run alongside the WWF as both ECW and WCW once did? Yes. Is the talent that they posses ready to "bust their asses" to see the company reach the top? Yes. In my eyes the XWF is one company who may make it all the way. I believe this because they have already seen the likes of Hulk Hogan, Curt Hennig and Roddy Piper appear for them, they recently taped several TV shows at Universal Studios, Florida to try and receive television slots.

 In my eyes I see that the XWF, if they continue to progress, will be alongside the WWF in a matter of months. The WWF need another promotion to receive national and even international recognition to achieve the ratings that were once scored and to also re-energise professional wrestling as a whole.
Richard Furness is from the United Kingdom and can be emailed at

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