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Tuesday, October 17, 2000

SLAM! Wrestling Guest Column

The Rock has got to go

By DAVE GOLDBERG -- For SLAM! Wrestling

THE ROCK The Rock at a Calgary house show back in May of this year. Photo: Sun Media.
I find it ironic that nobody has a problem with the treatment of Chris Benoit or Chris Jericho in the WWF. Everything that promotion seems to revolve around the Rock. The man with a million catch phrases who wrestles worse then Hogan. You have all of these moronic casual fans who are ruining the business cheering everything from Rakishi's ass to Scott Taylor's stupid worm. That's not wrestling.

The defense would be, fans cheer it, don't knock it. Well those fans will cheer anything, so why not push talent? Can Chris Benoit honestly say he is happy with The Rock constantly screwing him out of the title every month. That is not a push it is humilation. I say The Rock because at this point I'm convinced that he is the head booker.

Now lets examine everything in the WWF. It is just like WCW when they collapsed. They push 5 guys and hold everyone else down. Now you guys at Slam called Triple H the ego the other month but nothing could be farther from the truth. The man will wrestle anybody and job to anybody and he doesn't have to work main events. He is the next Ric Flair in so many ways it isn't funny.

Duane Johnson on the other hand refuses to give up his main event spot to anybody bringing the crowds the same boring crap every week and he doesn't care how bad it is as long as he can be the center of attention just like his hero Hulk Hogan. They might as well call him Rocky Hogan, because the ego is the same size. Nowadays it is a different game. The Rock can job, but he always has to be in main events.

Everything has revolve him and his buddies, Mick Foley, Rakishi, Undertaker and the illustrious egomaniac Stone Cold Steve Austin. I find it pretty ironic that the driver was Rakishi. I find it pretty ironic that Foley who doesn't even wrestle is on an average of 55 minutes every week. This is the real millionaires club. These guys are ruining the business. Everytime I see Foley come out, I change the channel. All he does is kiss somebody's ass. Foley is a disgrace and an embarrassment to the business who is the ultimate sell-=out in some many ways it isn't funny. The man has changed so much in the last year it isn't funny, it's sad!

Now lets get to Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho. In April of 1999, Jericho does a match with Triple H. HHH loses the belt to Jericho, they take it away from him. Jericho is over big time. Now common sense would say, Jericho-Triple H for the belt at Backlash. But did that happen, nope. What happened was that Duane Johnson refused to give up his main event spot and treated the fans to another Triple H-Rock match, where Triple H had to carry this jabroni to a good match, AGAIN! If Jericho wrestled Triple H, I would not have expected him to win, but Jericho deserved that spot. And I guarantee it wasn't Triple H who refused to wrestle Jericho, after all he defended the title against Taka on RAW. He will wrestle anybody, only a complete moron would call him "the ego".

As far as Chris Benoit goes, he was over as IC Champion and what happened, Rakishi wins the belt which he did not deserve. And Benoit certainly deserved better. Then comes the big PPV, Benoit gets the title shot but here is what happened. Chris won the belt and had it taken away from him. WWF claims they were "testing him". Okay has he won the belt yet? That was July, it is now almost November. And they screwed him seven more times after that. Why? Because of The Rock's ego.

No, but it doesn't stop there. The Rock sees that Christian and Edge are over. So he decides, it is time to steal their thunder. Beat them in a handcapped match and humilate them. I wonder whose idea it was to take the straps from them and cut their TV time? And I wonder whose idea it was to break them up?

Quite frankly these guys and not just the Canadians, but Kurt Angle, Triple H, and all the other talent who is being held down should have a real motive for being upset with The Rock. Rakishi's commentary was an inverted shoot, because he is one of the people, I believe, who is holding others back. What is going right now is the biggest bunch of BS I have ever seen and I am embarrassed to be a WWF fan as Rocky kills the business more and more everyday. Meanwhile all of the "trained seals", the casual wrestling fans, cheer all of his crap not having clue one that the man is worst worker and has the biggest ego in the history of the game!

In my opinion, Duane Johnson is one of the worst workers of all time and clearly the next Terry Bollea. God help us all, because you will never see the best wrestlers get over as long as the booker keep hyping The Rock. I am disgusted by this set of circumstances. What's going on currently reminds me of 1995 when Shawn Michaels and his pals used their political stroke to influence booking decisions. It has got to stop before the WWF's product suffers more humliation.

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