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Wednesday, February 17, 1999

SLAM! Wrestling Guest Column

Sunny outshines Sable

By BRIAN HAYES -- For SLAM! Wrestling

I was watching Sable on TSN's Off-the-Record and I must say I was amused. This is the woman that the WWF has contracted to promote the sport to women and attract salivating males to its programming? Well, good luck to them because they are going to need it. Sable's pretty and she's coming into her own as a wrestler (although she won't take the bumps) but she pales in comparison to the shining light that preceded her.

Sunny as a SUNShine Girl in the Toronto Sun.
And that woman is Sunny. A.k.a. Tammy-Lynn Sytch. The Body Donna herself.

Boy, watching and listening to Sable really makes me miss Sunny.

Now don't get me wrong. Sable is quite sexy. She's in good shape and trains very hard. It's going to be interesting to see her transformation into a wrestler. Well, it was going to be interesting. Then she had to tell Michael Landsberg that she won't be taking many of the bumps and falls that wrestlers are supposed to. So, basically, it will be up to Luna, Jacqueline, and the other women in the WWF's Women's Division (is there anybody else left?) to do all the work in the ring while Miss Sable gets the glory. Well, that must make the Fabulous Moolah take pride in the movement the WWF is making. Where's Wendy Richter when we need her?

Sable's sexy but she's simply no Sunny. Everything about Sunny is better than Sable in my opinion (maybe not in yours but this article is written by me). Sunny is beautiful. Sunny is stylish. Sunny has class. Charisma. Flair (Well, not Ric but you get my point). She was fun to watch and oh so entertaining.

That's the main difference between Sunny and Sable; the way Sunny entertained the crowd. Sunny wasn't a one-dimensional character. Sunny could manage wrestlers. She could announce with Jim Ross. She could introduce matches. She could be involved in so many gimmicks. And she could do all of this do matter what her role was, heel or face. The more she told us we couldn't get her, the more we wanted her. Men adored this angel and always forgave her actions even though we knew she would do it all over again.

Sable simply cannot be a heel. Sure, she could manage one but she could never be one. She just doesn't have it in her. Can you imagine her telling off the audience? The only thing "bad" about her is the sound of her voice. Have you ever listened to her speak? That shrill could wake the dead. Not like Sunny's though. When Sunny speaks, she sounds like a woman having a lot of fun. Her voice is as charming as the rest of her. It oozes sex and intelligence. It is so flirtatious even when she didn't mean it to be. She could make a fortune selling water to Atlantis just with her words alone.

Sunny was a great character and had a fabulous personality. She brought back the image of the interfering valets like Missy Hyatt and combined it with the managerial skills of Miss Elizabeth. And somehow, she was a perfect combination of the two. Sunny has almost the style and grace of Miss Elizabeth but she uses the microphone and gets involved in the matches. You always have to keep your eye on Sunny because you don't know what she'll do. I am always reminded of Missy whenever I think of Sunny but they are still so different. Sunny has the class that Missy could never have. Sunny wouldn't spit on the grave of her ex-husband like Missy has with Eddie Gilbert. She also doesn't use just sex to get herself across.

Which brings me to another point, Sable posing for Playboy. Now, I realize it's none of my business whether or not Sable or any woman decides to pose nude. I really do not hold any grudge or think less of Sable for doing this. I do however think that this hurts her creditability as a role model for young girls. For someone trying to make it in a (traditional) man's world, posing for Playboy isn't really the way to go about it. Sunny turning down Playboy's offer shows a lot about the young woman that we never knew before.

And Sunny did turn Playboy down. Don't let Sable's comments on Off-the-Record to Michael Lansberg fool you. Perhaps, Vince McMahon and/or Playboy told Sable this in order for her to think that she was their first choice and that she was offered more than Sunny turned down. Both the WWF and the magazine wanted Sable to pose but you can be assured that Sunny was approached first. After all, she is one of the most downloaded women in the history of the Internet. I could hardly believe that Tammy-Lynn Sytch was never approached to pose in Playboy or any other adult magazine. But I'm sure when you're constantly told "NO", you finally stop asking and find someone else.

I don't know the full reason why Sunny is in ECW now and not the WWF. I just know she does not perform within the Big Two. I've heard rumors and I've also heard HHH and Chyna give their opinion to Lansberg on OTR in regards to Miss Sytch. I don't have high regard to the opinions of HHH (or for the rest of DX) on any topic, much less that regarding Sunny. I do know that Bret Hart spoke highly of Sunny in "Hitman: Wrestling With Shadows", and that she was one of the protesters the RAW after the 1997 Survivor Series. If someone with Hart's class, style, and respectability says good things about a person, I'd tend to believe this source rather than someone like Hunter. I can trust what Bret says.

You may have your favorite woman in wrestling. Whether it is Chyna, Debra McMichael, Elizabeth or one of the Nitro Girls (I like Whisper but that's a topic for another column), but I prefer Sunny. To me, Sunny had the entire package. Listening to her on OTR was wonderful. She was able to give her opinion on many different topics and she proved herself to be very charming and intelligent. I don't appear to be the only one who feels this way. Sunny outdistanced Sable in SLAM's recent Year-end poll for 1998.

Unless ECW is shown on television here in Canada, I do hope that Sunny will be able to strut her stuff in the WCW. Maybe then the Uncle Eric's company will finally outshine the WWF in more than just talent.

Brian Hayes is from Burlington, ON, and can be emailed at

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