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Wednesday, January 24, 2001

SLAM! Wrestling Guest Column

Old stars good For WWF

By NIC IZZI -- For SLAM! Wrestling

With The Rumble come and gone for the WWF, it was actually a change to see the 'surprises' come true. Jim Ross stated only days before the event occurred that surprises would be implemented. Even if Honky Tonk Man's appearance was only a one shot deal, WWF seemed to generally revert back to an older style of wrestling.

 The Tag Team Match that kicked off the event truly didn't resemble a hardcore, plan-as-you-go spotfest. They had solid wrestling, solid turns to the match and include an ending that didn't screw the fans of either side. Even though yours truly is an Edge & Christian fan, I thought the Dudleys deserved to win the match.
Eric Bischoff
Chris Jericho put on another solid performance at the Royal Rumble.

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  • With the ladder match in place, Jericho and Benoit put on another solid performance without needing to throw themselves through tables and chairs to go over.

     Finally, with Haku and Honky Tonk Man making an appearance, they have brought dignity and respect back to the ring, something which has been in a downward spiral ever since the birth of 'Crash TV'. Although some fans have criticized the WWF for not bringing in top of the line stars, I believe it establishes a new leaf that may have been turned by the WWF.

     It's funny how the days of the 80's with the good guys vs. bad guys are long gone, yet, so were the politics of a Republican Party. Suddenly though, with George W. Bush and the Republican party back in control of the White House, we have seen an emergence of those 80's stars again. There is talk of Hulk Hogan showing up in the WWF.

     Call me sentimental or just an 80's mark, but I find that I can associate myself better with good vs. bad, better than Good Nerd vs. Cool Jackass Bad Guy. Not to mention the days when a DDT would knock a guy out. Now, a DDT is as effective as an eye rake.

     I'm glad the WWF started the train to better wrestling, using more techinical moves throughout the matches, the elimination of a table in every match and a screw job ending.

     Maybe Vince has turned a new leaf. Then again, this is Mr. MacMahon.
    Nic Izzi is from London, Ontario and can be emailed at
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