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Wednesday, January 16, 2002

SLAM! Wrestling Guest Column

WWA's Inception refreshing

By NIC IZZI -- For SLAM! Wrestling

The WWA might have pulled off the most successful pay-per-view ever. The WWA has succeeded in showing promise, talent and most of all, compelling storylines without ever being on television in North America before.

 After watching the repeat of World Wrestling All-Stars' innaugaral pay-per-view, Inception, I can honestly admit that I watched it as a joke. I sat down, without a clue to the history, superstars or even matches that the WWA were advertising. I never knew that there was anything of the sorts in the works. We all knew of the XWF and of course, the WWF. But the WWA? It came right out of the night. I admit to coming to SLAM! Wrestling and seeing that a new league had formed. I immediately bothered not to read the results and wait until Tuesday evening to watch it.

 I sat down, obviously not expecting much. With the WWF dominating the ratings and having a virtual stranglehold on all competition, the WWA needed to get it's foot in the door, if not, to kick it wide open. This wasn't a pay-per-view where you needed to know the history on them. They will give you all the information you need to know and Jeremy Borash definately pointed that out with his words. Sure the Vampire Warrior (Gangrel of WWF fame) and Luna Vachon match was ludicrous, but there was a story line behind it. And we didn't need a video montage to show it. And since it was WWA's first time on TV altogether, they didn't have to prove it.

 Having Bret Hart thrown into the mix didn't hurt either. Having him comeback to the world of wrestling, by degrating WWF and WCW was classic. How often do you hear Bret Hart drop the 'S' bomb on live television? How many people can tear Vince MacMahon down and have legitamite reasons? Bret Hart hit us hard with his words and it was definately a powerful statement from the company.

 Inception's weren't 5 stars. Heck, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and say they weren't 4 stars. But they were 3 star matches. Every single one. And that's what I was looking for. I wasn't hoping for an excellent pay-per-view. I wanted to be satisfied. No screw-jobs. WCW was lucky to put on 1 or even 2 good matches during their pay-per-views. WWA successfully had a tight, well booked event.

 It was refreshing to see a storyline that doesn't include Austin and Vince. And the matches were definitely better than any Undertaker & Kane vs KroniK match. Or Hardcore Holly vs Headbanger Mosh. Even though gimmick matches draw more viewers than normal, it's what was needed. They couldn't risk a lame outing or they wouldn't have won over anyone within the wrestling industry.

 All in all, WWA should hold its head up high and ride the wave of momentum into their next pay-per-view in February. Even though they are still newborn into the wrestling community and its fans, the WWA has pulled off the most successful pay-per-view of all time. They will be a force to reckon with and this pay-per-view will help the company in the long run. They will have success, maybe not for the first year or so, but if the WWF decides to rest on their laurels, they just might find themselves in the exact spot they were in 1996.

 The WWA should feel proud that they have a return customer in me and I, for one, am looking forward to more exciting action from them.

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Nic Izzi is from London, Ontario and can be emailed at
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