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Tuesday, January 26, 1999

SLAM! Wrestling Guest Column

Corporate Chyna a title threat

By JOHN PEREIRA -- For SLAM! Wrestling

Since her arrival in the WWF as Triple H's bodyguard, people have looked at Chyna and wondered just how she would do inside the squared circle. At first she was limited to the occasional cheap shot to Triple H's opponent which brought about many wins for Helmsley, most notably keeping Owen Hart from gaining the European Title until the "Hunterdust" fiasco. Still Chyna remained outside the ring.

Things began to change when DX got its new look after Shawn Michaels lost the WWF Heavyweight belt to Stone Cold Steve Austin at Wrestlemania. With the new DX she even got in an 8 person tag match and held her own. Later she and X-Pac joined forces against Mark Henry (which she lost). But these matches were against men and more of a curiosity thing than a legitimate push.

Then came the WWF Women's title which Sable has owned almost a while now after taking it from Jacqueline despite the efforts of Marc Mero. As anyone can see the ladies' division is extremely thin (Sable, Jackie and Luna-- period) and after beating Luna at the Royal Rumble, Sable doesn't have another competitor in the wings. Enter the Ninth Wonder of the World.

As a member of DX, Chyna was relegated to a background role for the most part and the thought of going up against the popular Sable never entered the picture, as Chyna was too busy looking out for DX's interests not her own. She would look at Sable defeating lesser competition and itch for the chance to go for glory on her own terms. So she picked her spot at the Rumble, looking to make the biggest impression she could she went after the largest man left in the ring-Mark Henry and fueled by an inner rage at Henry's own actions towards her recently, eliminated him in short order.

No doubt that Shane McMahon saw this and a thought went through his head. After trying to humiliate Sable only to have it backfire Shane needed a way to get back at her. With Luna failing earlier in the night Shane needed to find a competitor that could overwhelm Sable and take the belt from her. As Chyna eliminated Henry, he found his woman. A quick backstage chat with Mr. McMahon during the post-Rumble celebration and perhaps a few phone calls later the betrayal of DX the following night was planned and set up with Chyna eager to get a shot at making it in her own right.

Now the table is set, Chyna, with the support of Team Corporate, can now focus on getting the one title to elude the Corporation--the Women's Title. Sable, battered from her strap match with Luna, is vulnerable and Chyna is ready to seize the day. Shane McMahon's plans to humiliate Sable will be able to get into gear once she loses the belt. For once any outside interference will be on Chyna's behalf instead of on someone else's. For once the Ninth Wonder of the World can follow her own agenda and carry a belt of her own around rather than someone else's. It's all but inevitable, Chyna Vs Sable for all the marbles and when all is said and done we will all be hailing Chyna- WWF Women's Champion.

John Pereira is from Somerset,MA and can be emailed at

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