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Sunday, November 8, 1998
Bret Hart
TAKE THAT! ... Calgary's Bret Hart takes out his frustration while watching a video of his last fight for the World Wrestling Federation by slamming a figure of himself down on a doll of Vince McMahon, the man who took his title away in Montreal. -- 1997 file photo by Darren Makowichuk, Calgary SUN

SLAM! Wrestling Guest Column

Just let it go, Bret


Why does Bret Hart insist on beating a dead horse constantly? What I am referring to his is constant rehashing of the incident at Montreal a year ago when he was "screwed" out of the WWF title by WWF owner Vince McMahon. Hart is now in the WCW, and working his way through the competition there. So why does he insist on bashing the WWF and constantly rehashing the match with Shawn Michaels that took place a year ago? Why can't Hart just get over it and concentrate on his new career?

Now, I do not condone what Vince McMahon did to Hart in any way. I agree with Vince for breaking his contract with Hart, although I was violently opposed to it at the time. Now that I look back on it, that was a smart decision for McMahon -- Hart simply was not fitting in anymore with the WWF. However, Vince McMahon could have gone about his decision to remove Bret Hart from the WWF in a much better way. Perhaps he felt that the fracas in Montreal was the only way to go about the situation, which was very unfortunate indeed. The whole situation was unfortunate for all involved.

What I want to know is, why does Bret constantly insist on going over this incident again and again? I read his chat with SLAM! Wrestling and I was very surprised at how insulting and offensive his comments were. He insulted his own brother by saying he still wrestled for the "minors" and he took numerous potshots at Vince McMahon and Shawn Michaels.

If the WWF were the minor leagues as Bret said, why have they been cleaning up lately when it comes to ratings? I'm sure Bret loves the fact that the WWF has signed a five-year deal to broadcast Raw on TSN. Why can't Bret Hart be the bigger man and move on with his life? You don't see Vince McMahon constantly harping on this situation every week do you?

The fact is, what Vince McMahon did to Bret Hart was a horrible, horrible thing. I was extremely confused and upset as to why he would treat such a dedicated worker the way he did. I had been a Bret Hart fan for as long as I can remember. I supported everything he did, watched as many of his matches as I could and I admired him for who he was, or who he appeared to be.

The WWF did not murder the Hitman character, WCW did. WCW has taken Bret's character and flip-flopped him so many times that no one even knows what the character is anymore. I don't know what Bret is going to do next on Nitro and it's gotten to the point where I don't even care. After being a Bret Hart fan for close to 10 years, I can now say that I cannot even bear to watch what he has become.

I find it very disturbing that a man who supposedly is such a "hero" to millions of people is still resorting to taking potshots at various people in the wrestling industry. It appears that he has become a disgruntled mid-carder (who makes three times what Shawn Michaels does). He appears frustrated by the fact that he is no longer the top man in his promotion and has to take it out on people he has not worked with in over a year. If he is still looking for people to blame for him being "screwed", perhaps he should be pointing a few fingers at the booking department in WCW and maybe even at Eric Bischoff himself.

So he won the U.S. title. Yee haw. Bret Hart winning the U.S. title in WCW is the equivalent of Ric Flair jumping to the WWF and gunning for the European belt. I could name at least ten people that Bret Hart has more talent than, and yet, he's still mid-carding.

The incident the occurred between Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels and Vince McMahon at last year's Survivor Series was a very unfortunate occurrence, but the fact remains that this occurrence has been over for a year. Most people in the wrestling world have forgotten this incident and moved on. Why can't Bret Hart do the same?

Mary Catherine Adams is from Sarnia, Ontario. She can be emailed at

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