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Wednesday, June 6, 2001

SLAM! Wrestling Guest Column

I miss WCW

By JUNIOR NURSE -- For SLAM! Wrestling

  I miss WCW. There, I said it -- I miss World Championship Wrestling. I miss the shows, the wrestlers, the wrestling, the trying, the big things but mostly the little things.

When WCW as we knew it died earlier this year, a certain style of wrestling shows died with it. We live in an age right now where reality shows run rampant on the airwaves. Reality/Parody shows are coming out left and right and God bless WCW, they were a parody of a parody -- professional wrestling. They merely took themselves too seriously. It wasn't their fault. Not in the least. They were animals adapting to their surroundings. After their reign at the top, they ended up becoming a parody of the WWF and a shadow of themselves. They did it for so long in fact that we got used to it. With each pay per view that passed, we made fun of the outcomes and shrugged at the direction that the company appeared to be headed (or wasn't headed) and hoped for a better tomorrow. It was fun. It was unpredictable. It was WCW.

It has been a few months now and I'm still in shock. And now that I've had time to reflect on what has happened and have seen since, watching nothing but WWF television, I can say without flinching, I miss "Dubbya See Dubbya".

I miss Tony Schiavone yelling at the top of his lungs for two hours straight and saying, "capacity crowd on hand" at the top of every broadcast.

I miss the piped in crowd noise in an attempt to make four thousand people sound like twenty.

I miss Scott Hudson trying to get a word in only to be cut off most of the time.

I miss poor Mike Tenay for inserting wisdom into a broadcast.

I miss the funerals after every pay per view.

I miss Scott Steiner forgetting his lines and shooting instead.

I miss Lex Luger and Buff Bagwell jumping up and down about each other when clearly they were the only ones that were.

I miss the WCW Master Card commercials -- priceless.

I miss Jeff Jarrett calling everyone and everything and "Slap Nut".

I miss the smart fans in the crowd with signs, "I wish I were at RAW" always being on camera.

I miss being serious for a minute.

I miss Kaz.

I miss cruiserweight tag matches.

I miss the production values.

I miss hearing the segment director saying "action" or "cut" before and after each backstage promo.

I miss the blown camera shots.

I miss tables and chairs missing their spots.

I miss the shameless "borrowing" of WWF style storylines/angles/personas.

I miss Alex Wright's dancing.

I miss Prime Time's voice and being in his house.

I miss seeing men get up after being suplexed by Rick Steiner.

I miss the Cat saying, "Wait a minute".

I miss when Kevin Nash was having fun.

I miss Norman Smiley's big wiggle and his screaming.

I miss the diamond cutter, power bomb, hurricanrana, jackhammer and Sean-ton.

I miss sitting back with chips & beer and watching Thunder on Wednesday nights after Ripley's.

I miss the Hummer driver (who didn't?).

I miss the freaks, the Nitro girls, and all the ladies, especially Kimberly * oh man *.

I miss WCW style hardcore matches.

I miss the changing storylines with each passing week and champions every other week -- or vice versa.

I miss Ric Flair's "WOOOO!" and the man they call Sting's too.

I miss Michael Buffer's long-winded main event intros and Dave Penzer's suits too.

I miss the backstage nonsense that populated Internet news boards.

I miss rushing home from work to check the Monday ratings report.

Sucka's gots to know I miss laughing along with Stevie Ray's commentary and Mark Madden's insider charm, right Tony?

I miss the cheap pride in the heavyweights and the reckless abandon of the cruiserweights.

I miss the run-in finishes especially on no-DQ matches.

I miss Billy Kidman's non-existent push and Disco Inferno's on-going one.

I miss big surprises like Road Warrior Animal and little ones like a heel turn.

I miss WCW Live and the callers who called in.

I miss "On a pole" matches and ones in special cages.

I miss Crowbar accompanied by Dafney's screams.

I miss Goldberg just squashing men with ease.

I miss seeing the old men fend off the young men in what had to be out of respect.

I miss the shooting on Vince McMahon and his WWF.

I miss the veiled attempts at serious angles and sorry attempts at humorous ones.

I miss so many little things that I took them for granted. Please don't think I was trying to be sarcastic with the above. Hell, maybe I was, but it was all entirely genuine and done in admiration. They were just a sample of the many "little" things I miss about World Championship Wrestling. Likewise, I also miss the bigger things. I miss the fact that there was a different man to take on the World Champion to headline every pay per view.

I miss that despite their providing the true firepower while WCW was at its best (Remember everyone from Jericho to Malenko to Mysterio?) each cruiserweight wrestler tried so damned hard and only got their just desserts when the ship was sinking. Those are a couple of the big things. The biggest thing I miss was that WCW missed the one thing they needed, a singular direction.

At the end of the day, I miss the difference between the two companies and most of all I miss the competition WCW brought to the table. However little they may have been, they still brought it.
Junior Nurse is from Brampton, Ontario, and can be emailed at He has written two previous guest columns for SLAM! Wrestling:

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