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February 3, 2000

XFL? Bring it on

By MICHAEL O'REILLY -- For SLAM! Wrestling

Recently Vince K McMahon announced the creation of the XFL, his own brand of American Football. Now, I'm not here to say it's a bad thing to have even more football on TV. Nor am I going to follow the party line and say that anything Vince McMahon touches will turn to gold. I will say this, I hope Vince succeeds, and I want to explain why I think he's doing this.

When NBC and TNT lost their NFL contract a few years back, they announced the creation of their own football league, which should have started playing recently. Maybe it still will, I don't know. What I do know is since Vince and TNT founder Ted Turner aren't exactly in love with each other, anything Turner does, Vince will do his absolute best to be even better. Since Turner owns the Hawks of the NBA, Thrashers of the NHL and Braves of MLB, Vince wasn't about to buy into those leagues. Nor do I believe that Turner would have let him. So that leaves getting into football by buying another league, or creating his own. When Jeff Giles of the CFL approaches McMahon about buying the Toronto Argonauts, he gets an idea. McMahon tries to buy the CFL whole, but the CFL got cold feet and backed out of the deal. So now Vince creates his own league.

So starting in Spring 2001, you will see something along the lines of the L.A. Phenoms playing the Miami Rock, followed by Texas Rattlesnakes against the Cincinnati Big Red Machine in a double header, which will lead nicely into that night's PPV, Wrestlemania 2001. Hey, cool, more football. And better yet, Good Ol' JR doing commentary. I can see it now... "DRAW PLAY! DRAW PLAY! OH GOOD GOD! IT'S THE DRAW PLAY!" Or something like that.

I like the idea of more sports on television, and I'm not at all concerned about fixed matches or more steroid problems. Half the time I think the NFL is fixed anyway, so why would that bother me?

I'm not saying it will be fixed. I figure the last thing WWFE wants to do is kill any goodwill they have left with the American Parent.

Will McMahon bring his Attitude formula to Football? God I hope so. Sports these days are downright boring sometimes. Nobody says anything, for fear of being used as motivation by the other team. Will he bring Sex to Football? No. Why? It's already there. Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, Buffalo Jills, etc. McMahon will just take it to the Extreme. Picture 60,000 screaming fans, yelling "show us your puppies!" The Godfathers' Ho's haven't got a chance.

At the very least, I hope McMahon succeeds in making the other league nervous. Those Super Bowl halftime shows have got to go.

So what ya gonna do when the QB goes deep on YOOOUUUU!!
Michael O'Reilly is from Barrie, Ontario, and can be reached by e-mail at

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