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Wednesday, March 3, 1999

SLAM! Wrestling Guest Column

J.R. should stick to announcing

By COLIN PYNE -- For SLAM! Wrestling

I was disgusted when I watched Monday's Raw. In the last two years I haven't seen talent wasted in the WWF this badly. This angle makes the booking team of Hogan, Nash, and Bischoff look great. What angle am I talking about? Jim Ross' return to television.

Last summer the Brawl For All was created for Steve Williams. All the Titan suits thought he would win easily. Things don't always happen the way their planned. Bart Gunn slaughtered Steve Williams. It didn't look like lucky punch to me Mr. Ross. Bart also won the tournament. I remember Shawn Michaels commentating during the finals saying how Bart had rejuvenated his career. So everybody thought.

Bart Ross and Jim Ross on RAW.
Rumours around the internet said Bart talked to JR before his match with Steve Williams, and asked JR what would happen if he knocked out Williams. Ross made a reference to this on Raw. What bugs me is the fact that it looks like Bart will now be jobbing to Steve Williams to get some measure of revenge.

I had all the respect in the world for Jim Ross before this but now most of that is gone. Steve Williams hardly has the look to get over in today's WWF. He doesn't have that great of a physique either. So tell me why does it look like Bart will be jobbing to him? Jim Ross.

All the times JR has made fun of WCW for backstage politics he would say it like it never happened and I mean never ever in the WWF. I hope to hell this angle blows up in JR's face because, if this is a shoot and all signs point to that being more or less true then the pot is calling the kettle black.

"Back when good ol' JR was running this company he couldn't fill a 400 seat arena if he was giving money away!" said Eric Bischoff. I never thought I would quote Bischoff but it seemed so appropriate. Jim Ross should stick to announcing because the fans want to see Bart Gunn kicking Steve Williams butt. All I really want to say is Bart Gunn deserves the push he worked for and backstage politics might take it all away. That is a damn shame.

Colin Pyne is from Riverview, NB and can be emailed at

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