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Tuesday, May 18, 1999

SLAM! Wrestling Guest Column

Top 10 reasons WCW is suffering

By ROD RUFF -- For SLAM! Wrestling

To answer this question we don't even need to look at the WWF, but we just have to look at the way the WCW deals with it's talent. The WCW is at fault for their demise in the ratings, even though must people would like to attribute it to the wonderful, creative, insightful WWF (note the sarcasm). So my top ten consists of ten wrestler's the WCW has mismanaged, it could be a top 100 but I don't have the time. Here we go:

Number 10: The Horsemen

Maybe instead of the Horsemen it should just be called Ric Flair. The reuniting of the Horsemen brought a lot of excitement because of a possible huge rivalry against the NWO. But after only a few months everything fell apart. I can't remember the last time Benoit or Malenko were seen with Flair, and they've both come down with a nasty case of tonsilitis. That is why they don't talk, isn't it? And if you see Mongo tell him he's 4 month's late for work.

Number 9: Chris Jericho

If the WCW doesn't sign him they are going to be in huge trouble once the WWF has their way with him.

Number 8: Raven/Saturn/Kanyon

The Flock was a well done angle (unless you were Lodi), ending with the feud between Raven and Saturn. But now they're buddies again, we don't know why except for Schiavonie giving us some childhood buddy-buddy crap... Now Hak has Raven's sister, but still the WCW doesn't see a possible angle in that...

Number 7: Anyone who wrestles on Thunder

Pretty much self explanatory... Pretty soon Thunder will have negative ratings as people phone TBS wanting more movies "For guys who like movies."

Number 6: Hogan/Savage/and.... Flair again

Yes, it is finally time to retire, WWF fans have been saying that since they all left. But in all honesty it is time, no one denies the charisma these men still have, but have any of them learned any actual wrestling moves in the past 10 years? You could get away with it a few years back, but now one minute you're watching Blitzkrieg do some unbelievable move off the top to finish an opponent and then the next minute Hogan pokes a guy's eyes a few times then drops a leg on him and it's over. All these guys can draw excitement in an interview, but can only draw garbage when in the ring.

Number 5: Tony Schiavonie

I know he's not a wrestler but I wish he was. Then we could see him get his a** kicked and not have to hear him call the commentary on it. I'm sure it would make FOR THE BEST NITRO EVER!! AND DON'T FORGET THE PPV!!

Number 4: Goldberg

The has truly WCW created a monster, Goldberg has still not been defeated cleanly. And if that day ever comes when someone beats Goldberg clean, the next time he appears in an arena wear ear muffs as the "Goldberg" chants will be piped in so loudly your ears will bleed. I do believe he is an excellent wrestler, but the invincibility gimmick hasn't worked since Hogan's four-year run as champ in the eighties.

Number 3: DDP and Whoever His Opponent Is

Now that his unending mega face push is over, we're stuck with a DDP who WCW tells to turn heel but just can't seem to be able to do it. Which is pretty amazing considering everyone has hated him for the last year. But I'm sure he's jacked...

Number 2: Bret Hart

Only because of him has everyone realized how good WCW could be and horrible they really are. I believe all the claims he makes about himself to be true. The best there is, was, and ever will be now has to save himself from the "creativity" of the WCW. His "I quit" angle with Goldberg was the best the WCW has seen in a long time, but I can only wait to see how it get's screwed up. I guess the wait is over... now for no apparent reason Bret is most likely going to fight Nash on Leno. Yet another brutally developed angle by the WCW.

Number 1: Anyone Who Has Worn an NWO Shirt In The Last Year

Let's try and make this short because the list is pretty long. Hollywood Hogan - Put on the red and yellow or put in your retirement (for real). Big Sexy - Being the the booker has it's advantages, how else could you lose to Goldberg one PPV and get a titleshot the next? Scott Hall - Drinking angle was a little to close to real life, him and Mongo have been playing hooky together lately. Lex Luger - Hahahahaha. Macho Man - Only the new women are keeping the Madness alive. Konnan - Audious Amigo! The most annoying wrestler in the WCW. Anyone in the current Black and White - WCW's Job Squad. Scott Steiner- How many great angles can WCW put under with Big Poppa. Feuds with Rick, DDP, and Buff have all been less than what they could have been. Buff Bagwell- Him and Jericho tie for the funniest wrestler in WCW. Just another one of WCW's great midcarder waiting for the old guys to step aside so he can go big time. Sting- Sold out to the Pac, now he's Mr. WCW again. Needs a feud with someone besides Flair...

Well that sums up briefly, and I mean briefly, what WCW is doing with their talent. Until they start doing something good with their talent it's RAW for me. Oh I forgot... I live in western Canada so I don't get Nitro till Wednesday night. Can I put Ted Turner and TNT in the list?

Rod Ruff is from Medicine Hat, AB, and can be emailed at

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