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Monday, September 14, 1998

SLAM! Wrestling Guest Column

WCW loses another fan


There comes a time when you have to simply throw your hands up in the air and simply say Uncle. Not Uncle Cletus, but Uncle. And tonight after seeing War Games, to Eric Bischoff and his mindless bookers, I say Uncle. I simply cannot believe how stupid and selfish you morons at WCW are. If you cared at all about your fans, you would not charge us insane amounts of money to see pathetic patches of your Saturday Night show and call it PPV worthy.

Let us begin the Ernest Miller/Norman Smiley match. This is not even Thunder worthy. I mean, if anyone who reads this or even hits this website, three things come to mind.

1. Who is Norman Smiley and what did he do to earn a PPV spot ?

2. Who buys Ernest Miller, a lousy mid-carder as a heel ?

3. Can't you THINK of something better ?

With angles that make no difference, builds no heat and makes its audience simply shake their heads, you wonder exactly what these bozos are thinking.

Rumours have been abound about Kidman would become a contender for a title. And while his participation in the ONLY match worth watching the entire show eliminates him, how is it that we're sitting for almost three hours with NO title matches ?

War Games was a continued mockery of most wrestling fans' intelligence and after the hapless and brutal Road Wild. The one build up was the Steiner vs. Steiner match. And what do these geniuses do ? They play the same injury angle again, ruining the one match with real heat and true crowd enthusiasm. You could have done this on any Monday or Thursday, what's the deal with doing this on a PPV ? It does nothing !!! Everybody knows it was a work. Bobby Heenan can't sell, he sounds like he's been in a coffin for a decade. What do we have to do to get it through your thick skulls ?

Without further adue, here's 10 amazing things that'll make me think twice about ordering the next WCW pay per view

1. No championship apprearances, except to re-do things we've seen before. Where the hell was Goldberg, Eric ? Having a Coke ?

2. The complete elimination of tag teams and championships attached to them. Tell me, who are the WCW Tag Team Champions ?

3. How in the world can you go to Winston-Salem, NC and have no appearance of Ric Flair, who everyone in the nation knows is coming back only one day later. I guess when you get pounded in the ratings, you have to save everything. What a shame.

4. Debut somebody new. You're so proud of the Power Plant. Where in the world are you subjects you are so proud of ?

5. I love DDP, but the winner of War Games ? I've never thought that an entire federation would do the job for one guy, and I love Page but you're kidding, right ?

6. His name is Chris Benoit. The boy needs a belt. What do we have to do, buy WCW from Billionaire Ted and just give it to him ?

7. Konnan has turned himself into a star without much help. Again,why is this kid not in the actual War Games match ? He is the ONLY WCW star aside Kevin Nash that actually gets the crowd moving. Tonight proved it again...

8. A huge opportunity to pay homage to all of the fans of the WCW would be to announce the condition of the ailing Hacksaw Jim Duggan. So instead, it's announced to the TV crowd and not in the ring to everyone in attendance.

9. The Saturn/Raven match finally has a victor and it's the same WCW interference style garbage we always see. Problem is: Raven is a star, with great mic skills and a monster worker with unlimited championship selling potential. And instead, there's no lead to the next step. Unbelievable. Is he going to wrestle Saturn forever or now battle Kidman.

10. The tenth and final amazing thing, is how indignant Eric Bischoff and his booking staff are bringing positively nothing to the table by ordering a Pay Per View. What, we didn't expect the Warrior to make an appearance ? D-uh ! But to let Hogan destroy the entire show to let a jobber like Stevie Ray get pinned ? Sorry, WCW, but I'm jumping the ropes back to the WWF. One last thing: what exactly is the Bret Hart angle ? Does anybody know ? Or is THAT the angle ?

The fake Goldberg chants, the mindless plot lines, the list goes on. You can do better. And in the meantime, it's one less show for me to watch.

Vince Degiorgio is from New York, NY. He can be emailed at

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