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Thursday, September 17, 1998

SLAM! Wrestling Guest Column

Sisters can take care of themselves

By HEATHER EASTON -- For SLAM! Wrestling

The past few months, The World Wrestling Federation has allowed their women to show their stuff, and it looks like the fans like what they see. Sable, Jacqueline, Luna, and especially the "ninth wonder of the world," Chyna, have all set out in different directions to prove one thing, they CAN look after themselves.

Sable has done the most dramatic change. Staring out as a helpless waif who's only goal in life was to walk her man to ringside, she has cocooned into a sex goddess who's recent match with her estranged husband saw her not only "Sable Bombing" him, but also taking him down with a not half bad hurricanerana. She has aligned herself with a bunch of freaks which has not only added to her popularity, but has hurtled them into the spotlight as a fan favorite.

Chyna intimidates SLAM! Wrestling's Greg Oliver. -- Greg Henkenhaf, Toronto Sun
Jacqueline and Luna have yet to get their shots at the spotlight. Jacqueline's teaming with Mero has left her playing second fiddle to Sable in every match she's involved in of late, and Luna as one of the Oddities, hasn't really been given any competition yet. Once given a shot, both of these ladies will show when push comes to shove, they've got what it takes.

Chyna however has had the greatest effect on the WWF. When she first arrived on the scene, she was greeted by fans with nothing but snide remarks. She must have heard more crude comments in one night than most of us have heard in a lifetime. She was a freak, a female who could bench press more then most men, and Triple H was....was.......her boyfriend. It was too much for most to take.

Over the past year, Chyna has worked hard at showing the fans what she is all about. Somewhere along the way, she started gaining their respect. More recently, she has shown her strength in her battles with Mark Henry, she has been the backbone of DX, and has even pulled a joke or two. She is about to take things a step further by stepping in the ring with Henry one on one. Chyna is going to show fans that women can compete in this industry and not just in cat fights.

When WCW announced they were removing all their female wrestlers/valets from their organization, the WWF had a choice to make. They could have followed suit and axed the ladies, or they could do exactly what they did, show them off. Vince McMahon and his bookers used their heads and put a big spotlight on something they had and WCW didn't. They centered story lines around Chyna, Sable, and Jacqueline all with huge success. Some of the stories were risque with Sable and Jacqueline basically bearing it all on a live pay-per-view, and even Chyna got in the act when she dropped here pants on RAW. All in all, every one of these ladies were given a chance to prove that they not only had great bodies, but they were great athletes.

The World Wrestling Federation has given women a place in wrestling. Who knows where they will take it in the future. This week Terri Runnels reappeared on RAW and it looks like she may well play a major role in the feud between Dustin Runnels and Val Venis. With the lack of jobs that WCW is offering, the WWF has their pick of women right now.

It's nice to see a federation that is willing to believe in all their talent be it male or female, equally. As a women, it's nice to know that sisters are out there getting a chance to prove themselves for all of us.

Heather Easton is from Thornhill, Ontario. She can be emailed at

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