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Tuesday, September 1, 1998

SLAM! Wrestling Guest Column

What to do with Bart Gunn now

By MATTHEW MURRAY -- For SLAM! Wrestling

I'm sure you've already heard enough about the WWF's Brawl For All. It's being touted as either the most innovative success or the greatest waste of time. All I can think about is what do you do with the winner besides give him a lump of cash and a pat on the back?

Bart Gunn has given himself a new lease on life. In one smooth stoke, (or left hook), he has moved out of the tag team picture, out of the role of perma-jobber, and into a possible spotlight. My advice to Mr. Gunn is use some of that money on some mic work courses.

Anybody remember the Smoking Gunns?
Ok, so we've established that Bart has what it takes to be a fighter, he's a former tag champ and he's defeated four names in the WWF. The question is, what's next?

In my humble opinion, what Bart needs to do is find a good gimmick and find it FAST. He needs a catch phrase, or a new awesome finisher, or most of all a new angle. Bart has put the WWF is a new position; they can't make him a jobber again. Any fan with two brain cells to rub together can figure out that a Bart Gunn/Bradshaw angle would be a joke, as we already know Bart can feed the Texan his teeth at will. Bart needs to capitalize on all this "KO Power" talk and launch himself at some established names.

And right now the best target for Bart Gunn is D-Lo Brown. Yes the Euro strap may not be worth as much as it used to be, but it's still made out of gold and fits around your waist. Bart Gunn can establish himself as a legitimate, solid mid-carder simply by taking on members of DX, The Nation, heck even the oddities, and winning. Bart has proven to the fans how tough he really is, and with the fans behind him, Vince won't make Bart job to anyone minor. Vince knows it's much easier to KEEP a ball rolling than to START one rolling. If Bart can really pull some razzle dazzle, I really don't see why he can't move up to facing the likes of HHH, The Rock, or Shamrock. Imagine the possibilities of Bart Gunn exploding into the Intercontinental title picture, or even claiming he's "Really the toughest SOB" and getting in Stone Cold Steve Austin's face! The WWF needs more than just Austin, Kane, The 'Taker and Mankind in the title picture, why not Bart?

But this is all speculation. Bart's future is in his hands, a relatively new thing in professional wrestling. He has the power and talent, can he win some fans with some solid interviews and matches? I for one certainly hope so, because the WWF's been moving in circles for too long, it's time to throw a new stick of dynamite in the water.

Matthew Murray is from Wabamun, Alberta. He can be emailed at

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