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Tuesday, September 29, 1998

SLAM! Wrestling Guest Column

WCW has destroyed Bret

By DEREK JOHNSON -- For SLAM! Wrestling

The Hitman. The Excellence of Execution. The People's champ. These names all belong to one man. Canadian superstar Bret Hart. And there's only one word I have to describe his actions on Nitro. Disgusting. But Bret Hart isn't the one I'm mad at. No, scratch that. He's not the one I'm furious at. That award goes to World Championship "SCUM" Wrestling.

It wasn't enough that this man is forced to turn heel in the WWF. It wasn't enough that they screwed him at Survivor Series. It wasn't enough that he was turned heel when he started WCW. No that wasn't enough. They had to have him come out, and ask the people for another shot to be hero, then betray them.

Hitman and nWo I will NEVER stop liking Bret "The Hitman" Hart. I want every single piece of trash that thought up the idea of the Hitman turning heel again to hear that. This man is a true champion who deserves to be up in the popularity ranks along with Undertaker, DDP and Goldberg. And for some idiotic reason, you have spit in his face again, and again, and again.

Does WCW have no compassion? This man was crushed at the thought of turning heel in the WWF, fearing that the damage may never be repaired. But he proved himself wrong. He once again got the people behind him. I hate WCW for what they did to him. I would also like to point out that I hate Earl Hebner, Vince McMahon, and Shawn Michaels for what they did to him at Survivor Series.

There I was, sitting in my basement watching as Bret was carried away in a stretcher. So I flip to see the Raw main event. Hey Rock's kickin' butt. Alright. Gee I wonder if Sting has beaten Hogan yet. Click.

That's when I saw it. Bret Hart had Sting in the Sharpshooter, with Hogan cheering him on. I covered my face in my hands and shook my head. I am seriously debating whether or not to ever watch Nitro ever again. That's right. I don't give a damn about all those other wrestlers, fine men they may be. The Hitman was who I watched for.

Bret, if you read this, take my advice, screw them. Screw WCW, screw WWF, screw wrestling. Come out the next Nitro and tell the people how you really feel. No dialogue, no memorized lines, just straight from the Hart, and the heart. Then turn around, say to hell with wrestling, I quit. They spit in your face, you spit right back in theirs. Walk out of wrestling known as the man that wouldn't let a grey suit tell him whether he's going to be a hero or not.

For all the people that hate the Hitman for attacking Sting, I don't care. You don't know who Bret Hart is. Not many people do anymore. And that, is truly disgusting.

Derek Johnson is from Fairfax, Virginia. He can be emailed at

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