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Friday, September 4, 1998

SLAM! Wrestling Guest Column

Why is Goldberg the champ?


Hulkamania Lives!!!

Well sort of. Only this time you will not have to take your vitamins, you will not have to say your prayers. There will not be any music that repeats Hulk! Hulk! over and over again. No one is going to get in the ring on television once a month and no one is going to pose for hours, only to tear off an already ripped shirt. No, none of this will happen, because this time his name is not Hulk Hogan. This time his name is GOLDBERG.

Bill Goldberg is now "The Man" in professional wrestling. He is the man who dominates anyone who dares to oppose him. He is the man that everyone looks up to. He is the one who's name, when even hinted as being said, gets the fans in a craze. He is WCW's World Champion.

My question is why?

Why do the fans love a guy who fights the equivalent in a week as Benoit or The Rock does in a match? How can a guy represent a whole organization when he only has ten months experience. Not to mention his in-ring ability that consists of a whopping two moves. Should I add that in an age where there are more interviews than wrestling matches Goldberg has absolutely no mic skills.

Many have said he is a good wrestler, he just needs a trip back to the Power Plant, WCW's training ground. Obviously that has not worked in the past for him, or many wrestlers in the WCW for that matter. No, the only thing that can save Goldberg now is to team up with Stu Hart, who in a real fight could probably take him, and enter the Dungeon. After about a year or two he might become a real wrestler.

Furthermore, along with the World Championship Belt, are not classic match-ups supposed to come hand-in-hand? Let's look back on some of Goldberg's title reign:
  • He first defeated Hogan for the title. Which was the worst match I've ever seen.
  • He defended against Curt Hennig the next Nitro. That classic lasted less than a minute.
  • We then flash ahead two weeks because Goldberg did not fight on the next Nitro and he has not fought on any Thunder since he became the Champ.
  • Nitro - This was the match of the century and the number one contender is - the great Bryan Adams. Yes a mid-carder at best any other day of the week but not this week.
  • We flash ahead two weeks less a day cause I guess he did not feel like fighting on Nitro again.
  • Road Wild - Goldberg is the under card in a Battle Royal against NWO Hollywood and NWO Wolfpack. Good title defense there.
  • Nitro features another classic. The number one contender this week, one day after Road Wild, is none other than Meng. Did he even fight at Road Wild? When was the last time he fought? I guess you do not have to, to become the number 1 contender.
  • A week later, Goldberg runs into an actual opponent in the Giant. Finally a chance at a classic World Title battle. I guess the bookers did not see it that way as the match last about a minute.
  • The next week he tags with Nash against Hogan and the Giant. I think it lasted about two minutes when NWO Hollywood interrupted.
What ever happened to the classic World Title matches? We all remember Hogan's inside cradle on the Iron Sheik in '83. Hogan slamming the late and great Andre the Giant. (On a side note, did Andre not go thirteen years undefeated?) What about Michaels against Nash/Diesel? Michaels and Undertaker in the Hell in Cell? No one will forget Hart vs. Austin. And finally, Hart and Michaels one hour marathon. That's a month's wrestling for Goldberg.

Now we can look at the future...War Games. Always a personal favourite. But "Who's Next" for Goldberg? Hogan, Giant and Hart make up team Hollywood. Nash, Sting and Luger will make up team Wolfpack. And DDP, Piper and Warrior make up team WCW/OWN? Saturn faces Raven and the Steiner brothers are going to do battle. So the new catch phrase should be "Who's Left?" But like always I have your solution. The next number one contender will be...Jim Neidhart! Oh that's right, he lost his last match so that's a no go. But wait! Lodi won his last match!

Brian Robertson is from Oshawa, Ontario. He can be emailed at

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