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Wednesday, June 2, 1999

SLAM! Wrestling Guest Column

Who is the Higher Power?

By CHRIS SKOLDS -- For SLAM! Wrestling

I have put a LOT of thought into who the "Higher Power" is. Being an avid WWF fan since 1978, I have heard and seen just about everything the WWF has had to offer. After reviewing the tape many times over. I believe I have the answer.

But seriously, many names have been bandied around as to who the Higher Power is. Of course, that means a quickie SLAM! Wrestling Poll! The theory is that is it someone from Austin's past. Here are the results.

The Higher Power will be revealed to be

From Austin's WWF past

9% voted for Brother Love
13% voted for Vince McMahon
7% voted for Linda McMahon
7% voted for Stephanie McMahon
12% voted for Jake 'The Snake' Roberts
14% voted for Ted DiBiase


Papa Shango
5% voted for Kevin Sullivan
3% voted for Papa Shango
0% voted for King Curtis
0% voted for Mark Lewin
3% voted for The Jackyl
2% voted for Mr. Fuji
1% voted for Terry Taylor
6% voted for Shane Douglas
19% voted for Other
The "Higher Power" is BROTHER LOVE !!!!

Yes, that's right! Think about this for a minute! After the 1990 Survivor Series when "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase introduced us to The Man from the Darkside, Brother Love became his manager shortly thereafter until Paul Bearer arrived on the scene a few weeks later.

Seriously, how many people have you seen The Undertaker bow to over the last 10 years BESIDES Paul Bearer?

I believe that Brother Love (Bruce Prichard) will write himself into the storylines once again and instead of his weekly Brother Love segments and his hilarious "I LOVE YEWS", the "New" Brother Love will show his true Corporate Ministry personality and try to rid the WWF of Stone Cold Steve Austin.

As far as Stone Cold being surprised at the end of RAW IS WAR last Monday night, the WWF could dig up the old footage from Monday Night Raw from December 1995 when Brother Love made a short comeback as he interviewed "The Ringmaster" (pre-Stone Cold). Remember that interview? Brother Love was heaping praise on The Million Dollar Man's "Million Dollar Champion".

So here is my script for RAW IS WAR on June 7: The "Higher Power" walks down the ramp, enters the ring and takes off his robe. We then see Bruce Prichard in his familiar "Brother Love" attire (White suit & pants, red shirt, etc).

If the WWF shows the December 1995 Raw footage on the Titan-Tron next Monday night it would show the "new" wrestling fans that there was at least a brief history between the two and have Brother Love say something like "Brother Stone Cold went soft and I have created MY ministry to get rid of Yew, Brother Stone Cold! I DON'T LOVE YEW!!" (End of interview, HA HA HA).

Later in the broadcast, Stone Cold could then respond by saying "Hell, son, if you're stupid enough to come back to the WWF and side with The Undertaker I'll kick both of your asses and that's all I got to say about that!!" With that, the Undertaker-Stone Cold feud continues to the King of the Ring PPV.

So there you have it. Brother Love is the "Higher Power" !!!

Chris Skolds is from Cincinnati, OH and can be emailed at

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