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Saturday, April 7, 2001

SLAM! Wrestling Guest Column

Ways to improve X-Pac

By ALI VAEZ -- For SLAM! Wrestling

  Forgive this 'smark's' ego for thinking that he knows something that the WWF creative talent does not, but I feel as though at this point in Sean Waltman's career, any suggestions would help. While I don't claim to be an 'insider', I think that Sean Waltman has talent. However, I do not believe the character of X-Pac does him justice.


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  • Has anybody noticed that X-Pac takes horrendous heckling from the crowd? I find it ironic that J.R. stated in a recent Ross Report that the fans could expect X-Pac to become a fan favourite (coming from the same column that tries to elevate the light heavyweight division, only to have the current champion killed by Rhino in under three minutes). It's not like he is an integral part of any long term storyline.

    It's just because most people, myself included, cannot stand the persona. Has anyone noticed that X-Pac's partners usually don't go anywhere -- Kane exception noted? If the WWF wants to truly get their money's worth from this contract, a drastic change needs to take place. Teaming X-Pac with Albert and Justin Credible doesn't count. Thus I present my point of view. I encourage feedback whether good or bad.

    X-Pac Change #1:

    Shave and get a haircut. Can anyone remember the last time X-Pac looked presentable? Since most wrestling fans generally have a short memory, I believe the change would be dramatic. Cleaning up X-Pac's appearance would do wonders towards changing, and updating the seemingly hopeless state of his career.

    X-Pac Change #2:

    Get rid of the lame wardrobe. For a long time I thought X-Pac hid behind the outfit to cover up his lack of muscular size. However, after his recent match on Heat (before Wrestlemania), I was surprised to see that he indeed does not have a bird chest, and does indeed have some pretty enviable abs. This suggestion goes hand in hand with X-Pac change number 1, in that a change in appearance would do wonders for his ring presence.

    X-Pac Change #3:

    Drop the Martial Artist gimmick. Maybe Sean Waltman does have martial arts experience, but it sure as hell doesn't show in the ring. The only resemblance that I see is the idiotic hand gestures he makes following some sort of offence. If X-Pac is to be billed as a martial artist, then he should deliver believable spots like Steve Blackman. Spinning Wheel kicks aren't gonna cut it.

    X-Pac Change #4:

    Lose the Bronco Buster. Yeah it was creative and innovative at first. Yes it drew heat at first. However, the recently dismissed Stacy Carter (AKA The Kat), made the move a whole lot more entertaining. I don't really think anybody wants to see a guy jump up and down on other guy's chest in a move that simulates anything most people would not like to see. Having people like The Kat doing the move makes many wrestling fans wish they were on the receiving end.

    X-Pac Change #5:

    Give X-Pac some decent matches/feuds. The last time X-Pac had a credible feud was with Chris Jericho some months ago. If X-Pac is to get over at all, he must compete in matches that will elevate his career. Using Albert to help beat Grand Master Sexay and Steve Blackman should seem insulting considering where X-Pac has been.

    That's it. I don't claim to be an expert. Rather I am attempting to put into words, what numerous fans probably feel as well.
    Ali Vaez is from West Point, NY. He can be emailed at

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