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  March 18, 2016

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SLAM! Wrestling Canadian Hall of Fame: Hart Family memories
 When I saw Bret Hart at Survivor Series with his brothers I kenw that this was a fighting family Bret, Bruce, Keith, and Owen were too good for Shawn and his Knights. When I heard the final bell ring I knew that the Harts were a wrestling family and from then one I have watched everything his family could do. The Hart family is a great wrestling family with Bret, Bruce, Wayne, Owen, Keith, Ross, Smith and of course the brother-in-laws Mr.Perfect Curt Hennig, The Dynamite Kid, Davey Boy Smith and of course Jim "the Anvil" Nighthart
 My favorite memerory is of June's In Your House when you got to see most of the Hart family step in the ring together in there home town of Calgary, Alberta CANADA and in that ring was the greatest Canadian Stu Hart!!! That man made wrestling. The thought of it right now gives me shivers. The only thing in life that I would like to do is meet that family and fight in battel with the best wrestler right now Bret!!!!!
 I've been training under Keith Hart for nearly 2 years now, and it has been a privilege and a honor to know the family. These are truly wonderful people. You can sit and listen for hours to Stu ramble on about the old days. I've had the opportunity to be in the "Dungeon" and have even been stretched by Stu. For a 82 year old man he can still tie guys up in knots. I get a shiver every time I go up to Stu's house. The amount of wrestling history there is just overwhelming, and to be a part of it sends shivers up my spine.
  This is a close family. One of my strongest memories is how everyone pulled together after the tragic loss of Matt Annis (Daughter of BJ and Georiga) last year to Flesh Eating Disease. They found strength in each other to move on after the loss of such a wonderful boy like Matt. That strength is what impressed me the most.
  I consider myself one of the luckiest people in the world to know this family. I've been blessed int ath I have met Davey, Owen, Niedhart, Bret, and done things others can only dream of.
 Someday I hope I can be named with guys like Bret, Owen, Benoit, Pillman, as one of the great ones to come from the Hart Home.
  Jason Clevett.
 To me, the greatest memories I'll have of the Hart family goes back to the Survivor Series some seven years ago, on the eve after the tragic death of Bret's brother Dean. Bret walked into his Survivor Series match and systematically disposed of his opposition. I believe he was down three or four to one, and he scrapped his way to a one on one with Ted DiBiase. He managed to roll up Ted for the pin, and gave his brother perhaps the most fitting tribute one could ask for. Wrestling, such as it is, is in the Hart family blood, and I can only imagine Dean would be real proud to see his brother do what the Harts have always done, continued on with class, and fortitude. Who could have blamed the Hitman if he wasn't at the top of his game, a loss would have been easily understood. But the Harts are fighters, and they don't quit. No matter what Vince McMahon says.
  Mike Marquardt
 In the early to mid 80's I lived in Calgary. One wrestling event was held outsideCalgary's city limits at Sarcee Arena.
  After the wrestling card was over I missed the last charter bus to the Calgary C-Train (LRT) station. Someone overheard me talking to a friend I ran into at Sarcee Arena I missed the last chartered bus and my friend had no more room in his car for more people.
  This young lady didn't say anything to me but went to her father(or father-in-law?) and told him of my dilemma.
  The man she's related to? Stu Hart.
  Stu Hart gave me a ride to downtown's Calgary Public Library. He insisted on taking me all the way home but I didn't want him to go out of his way.
  That I will never forget because for all Mr. Hart knew I could have had a gun or knife on me or been some kind of psycho even without any weapons handy. I won't forget the lady(to this day I have no idea what her name is but I'm sure she's related to Stu Hart). Thank you to her for caring enough so I could get a ride home.
  By the way that was a very rainy day and somehow--one of my shoes got caught in the mud so I was hobbling along with one shoe only.
  But I'll never forget Stu Hart who didn't want to take gas money from me(I didn't have much anyways and whether or not he needs the money IS NOT the point here).
  Still with Stu Hart but unrelated to the above: During Ralph Klein's re-election campaign running for Mayor of Calgary I ran into a Mr. Tom Minhinnett of the Calgary Boxing & Wrestling Commission.
  Mr. Minhinnett upon finding out I go to wrestling cards convinced me on more than one occasion to phone Stu Hart and ask for a free ticket to Friday's wrestling card.
  Looking back I think Mr. Minhinnett did that because he wanted to help me overcome my shyness at that time so I'm at ease asking people for things and favors. I always felt uncomfortable asking Stu Hart for a free wrestling card but each AND every time I phoned Stu Hart he obliged.
  Stu Hart never said and never hinted at being frustrated with me (though I'd understand why he would be as it would get on my nerves being asked for numerous favors by complete strangers).
  Stu Hart may think the person he helped with a ride home and free tickets to Stampede Wrestling forgot but I'll never forget Stu Hart's generosity and kindness which to this day is still truly appreciated.
  John Granic, Mississauga, Ontario
 My wife and I used to live in Calgary and had front row seats to Stampede Wrestling. We watched Dynamite Kid fight his first matches in Calgary, watched Jim the Anvil Neidhart fight his first match, watched Bruce, and Keith wrestle. Keith and Larry Lane used to have some great matches with the Royal Kangaroos.
 We used to religiously attend the matches on Friday evening and then stay glued to the television on Saturday so we could watch them again. There are many of the top wrestlers in the sport that started their careers in Calgary including Bret Hart, Jim Neidhart, Dynamite Kid, Davy Boy Smith, Chris Benoit, Bryan Pillman and many more. I am very sorry to find out that Stampede Wrestling had to fold.
 Rick Sherman
 Stu and all the Stampede Wrestlers will never fade from our family memories. It seemed like every Friday at the Pavillion was "get your frustrations out" night. We all miss our weekly entertainment and family night out. There isn't much in the way of releasing pent-up frustrations of booing the bad guys and cheering the good guys now. Well, I guess the Flames are okay but believe me, it's no wrestling. All Stampede Wrestling fans should get together and try to bring back the "old days" and get some life back into the city. Of course, no one else will do but Ed Whalen at ringside. Hey Stu, how about it??
  Thanks for great memories. We distinctly remember one occasion when Bad News Allan was wrestling in Red Deer. He was (as usual) his nasty self and came towards the crowd where we were sitting. My husband was just recovering with a back injury from a vehicle accident and Bad News was headed toward him with Wacky Nutsu's cane. All my husband told him was that he couldn't afford to hit him and he backed off. Every time we went to wrestling, Bad News remembered the coat that my husband was wearing and very conveniently stayed away from him. I guess he couldn't afford it!!!!
 Sharon Jans
 I have alot of memories of the Hart family and their wrestling history. Most memories consist of Bret Hart, Owen Hart , the Bulldog and Anvil. The Hart Foundation was the true Hart and soul of the WWF. When Bret left so did I. I check up on Owen every now and again. I beleive in the sport of wrestling not this sports entertainment. I am so glad that Bret and the others left the WWF. The match that I remember the most was a match between Bret and HBK. With an hour time limit, Bret had the match the hour ran out and the gorilla ordered the match to continue. Bret lost the title, I see repeats of that all the time and it makes me sick. I have been a fan of wrestling for about 15 years and I stopped watching about 4 of those years, the antics of the WWF were getting out of control, and continue to do so now. I could go on and on but I would like to say thank-you to Stu Hart for his srong beliefs of wrestling and the values of the Hart family. I am completely true to Hart.
 I, unfortunately, never got a chance to go to any of the shows Stampede Wrestling put on, but I have many fond memories of watching on TV with my father (we still watch wrestling together). The stars of Stampede always thrilled me like no other wrestling promotion ever could, and the credit for that has to go to the Big Guy, Stu Hart, and his family. My dad loves to reminisce about Stu in his wrestling days, using his immense skills and lethal left uppercut to defeat opponents. I got to see only a little bit of that, when Stu had aged, but I remember a match that happened when Stu was in his 60s or 70s; he held his own and even at an advanced age was a great sight to see. Stu kept the thing going through thick and thin, and my earliest memories of wrestling are from when I was a kid. I'll always cherish those memories; thanks, Mr Hart.
 Troy Desrosiers
  I personally think that the best wrestling family ever is the Hart Family and I think that they should be awarded for their hard work in stampede wrestling and in the WWF. One of my fondest memories which concerned one of the Harts, was when my favorite wrestler Bret Hart lost the WWF belt to Shawn Michaels at the Iron Match. At that moment I thought that was the end of the Bret Hart legacy but I was wrong. He came back and the title two more times that showed that Bret Hart was most determined wrestler in the world. I just that Bret and his two brother-in-laws Anvil and the bulldog do very good in the WCW. I also hope that Mr. Stu Hart, Keith, Bruce and the rest of the gang are doing good up in Calgary. I also hope that Owen will succeed in the WWF as the last remaining Hart.
 Damon McCaulley
 I am not old enough to have gotten to see the Stampede wrestling, although I heard it was great. I am 13 years old and I just want to say that my fondest Hart family memory was when Bret beat Stone Cold Steve Austin to a bloody pulp. I have that WrestleMania on tape and I love to watch that match over and over again.
 Noah Sutherland
 I think that the Hart Family rocks. I am your biggest fan.
 Ashly Carrier
 Absolutely no one is a better fan than me. The Hart Family is intensity intense city, live at Budokai. Stu, Bret, you're the best wrestlers of all time.
 Adam Ritchie,11, Indianapolis, Indiana
 I remember in the late '70s in my teenage years we would always smuggle a bottle into the Saskatoon Arena and watch Stampede wrestling then go to a bar down the street on Wednesday nights; then for pizza next door at last call.
 One night, almost all the nights combatants were in the pizza place eating together.
 I remember making eye contact with Bret sitting beside The Dynamite Kid and he gave a kind of sheepish smile sort of saying "what did you expect".
 I tossed him a peice of pizza and we had a mini food fight.
  Jeff Swick
 Where to begin? I remember so many good times as a kid growing up in Bowness,Calgary. Stampede wrestling was the highlight of every weekend.(my grandmother was the biggest wrestling fan in the world!) The memories are abundant, from Bruce coming to my jr. high school as a substitute phys-ed teacher to Brian Pillman jumping off his motorbike to chase us through Bowness park (entirely my fault) Stampede wrestling even came to my school a couple times to wrestle for us kids. Old J.R Foley would shop in the Safeway and we'd see him on a regular basis. The legend of the Hart mansion on channel four hill was always a wonder to a twelve year- old kid as well. Stu's last match (coming out of retirement) was fantastic! the mighty uppercut in action again. The British Bulldogs, even before the name (and size) all of the greatest wrestlers in the world came from there. Thank you all for the integrity, and entertainment over the years. I hope to see Bret take up in WCW where he left off in the last promotion- as the best. Sorry to see him get shafted like that. So as Ed used to say... In the meantime and in between time....thats it and thanks again...
 The Razzman, Jason Gaede
 Stu and Helen walked behind owen after he beat bret with bret lying in the ring
 I have been watching wrestling since I was a child and I am 70 years old. And the fondest memories I have are of Stu Hart and his children wrestling. I have been to Canada and the Harts legendary home, and let me tell you something, Stu is one of the most entertaining story tellers and it was an honor to meet him. This was in 1981. I still think that Bret and Owen Hart are fantastic wrestlers.
  I have got to say that the Harts are without a doubt the epitemy of wrestling.My first memories of the Harts are watching Jim the Anvil Neidhart (the tank) and Bret the Hitman Hart (the porche) wrestle as a team.I love watching Bret, for he is my alltime favorite wrestler.I always pick him in the videogames.I wish I could oneday meet Bret, or any of the Harts for that matter.I am planning on attending a wrestling school and hope to one day visit The Dungeon.I think Bret beating the sh*t out of Stone Cold Steve Austin is my favorite memory.My second would have to be when Bret beat Rick Flair.To beat Flair and Macho Man Randy Savage in only a couple of months is remarkable. I hope a Hart reads this.
  It was great reading all those memories but doesn't anyone remember Wildcat wrestling?.....Those were some of the most awesome wrestling shows I had seen even to this day.......Stu would build up rivalries for weeks and then the baby face would get beat up twice before coming back and driving the heel out of town with a gigantic victory in the third match........ I remember wrestlers like Bear Cat Wright, Sweet Daddy Siki, Killer Kowalski, Stan Stasiak (who was perhaps the bloodiest fighter I have ever seen....He never had a match without busting his opponent open with repeated closed fists to the forehead).... There were classic matches between Dave Ruhl and Archie"the Stomper" gouldie.......And who will ever forget the classic confrontations between Ed Whalen and Torquamata and "Tweetie Bird" tomasso......I could go on and on with Wrestlers like The Beast, Leo Burke, Bull Dog Brower, Etc......
  I would just like to say to Stu Hart and Family....Thank you for all the great memories...You truly are a jewel in the middle of the coal pile that modern day wrestling is becoming.......
  John Jegen
  just a fast note on the #1 family in all wrestling THE HART FAMILY IS WRESTLING quick and to the point !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  I started watching Stampede at age 4 in 1970.My fondest memory of Stu is of him coming into the ring after a match to even up an odd man situation his sons were facing.When the smoke cleared he was standing tall in the middle of His ring with his sons around him. Duke Savage was on his way to Foothills Hospital to have his jaw wired shut from one of Stu's uppercuts, and there was no doubt who the big dog really was. He was in his late50's or early 60's at the time. Mr. Hart gave us the best wrestling promotion ever and no none else has ever generated the kind of emotional attatchment of Stampede Wrestling. The list is a who's who of the sport. From Sweet Daddy Siki to Dan Kroffatt,Archie "The Stomper" Gouldie and Gil Hayes.The Dynamite Kid was the greatest wrestler I've ever seen and believe me,I've seen them all. To hear him refer to his manager as "the good lord John Foley" is still the most classic of all lines.Thank you Mr. Hart for all the great memories. I will never forget.
  Rod Glover, Regina Sask
 I remember when Bret won his Tag Team Championship from Demolition. That Hart Attack that they pulled on Demolition was the Greatest. Brets Intercontinental Title Rains as well as WWF World Title will always be memoralble. Owen Has one the Tag Team(6x), The Intercontinental(2x), European and hes a great wrestler. Also I'm still a big fan of Owen,Bulldog,Anvil,and Bret.
 Richard Morin
  I am very glad to see that the Hart family has become very successful. I am also glad that Stu Hart has raised his family with a tremendous respect for others.
  Rob Lickman
 It was Saturday afternoon, about 4pm in Edmonton, when Stampede wrestling would come on tv,with the sound of Ed Whalen's voice saying WELOME TO ANOTHER EDITION OF STAMPEDE WRESTLING, that was music to my ears.I couldn't go to the matches, so i watched them on tv for ONE full hour without leaving my seat, even though the matches were two week's behind from Calgary.The star's that use to go on were awsome, such as THE DYNAMATE KID, DAVY BOY SMITH (when he was a skinny kid),KERRY BROWN, HARLEY RACE, BAD NEWS ALLEN, ARCHIE 'THE STOMPER' GOULDIE,( man did Stu Hart and Archie have some good fights) THE LAST BRIAN PILLMAN (flying brian) CHRIS BENOIT, DAVE RUHL, THE AVIL NEIDHART, SWEET DADDY SIKI and THE BUTCHER, and there are so many more character that should be mentioned that were great. Stu Hart gave us a great show for the dollar.Now wrestling is a soap opera gone bad, back in the late 60's early 70's wrestling was real to me, now there quantity, not quality. bj from the past.
 Brian James
 I live in Vancouver and I remember in the early 80's Stampede wrestling finally started coming to the agrodome here. After watching it on t.v. I couldn't wait to see it live, and what a show they put on every month. They would pack the place.
 They were some of the wildest and bloodiest battles I'd ever seen. I remember one time Bret fought Archie Gouldie and must have hit an artery on his forehead because you could see the blood pumping out like crazy, all the women were screaming to stop it but they kept on fighting, it was insane. I remember so many battles bret and Dynamite had with guys like Bad News Allen and his fork ala abdullah, Duke Myers, Danny Davis, the Cobra, Dave Shultz and on and on.
  "let the good times roll, Mr. Whalen"
 mike sheren
 I have known the Hart family now for over ten years. I was lucky enough to meet them six years ago. I was only a teenager and very naive to the ways of life. I took a Greyhound bus from Washington, D.C. to Calgary (a trip that took 1 week!) When I got to Calgary, I got a room on the N.E. side and the following morning I set up my appointments with the college and then called Helen to tell her I had arrived the night before. That evening I met Smith for the first time in person. We talked awhile and made plans to go to his parents home the following day. My fondest memory of the trip is Helen running downstairs to give me a hug. Meeting Stu was just as memorable. I love everyone in their family and often think about that day in time. Thank you so much for opening your arms to me. I've finally grown up and now have my own children. You all taught me about a family, and I will forever love you for it. Owen, thank you for the smiles.. Smile on your babies as only you can, and give Martha the strength and courage to keep smiling. Never say good-bye Martha, he's with you forever. Helen hold dear, you too, Stu. Smith, Georgia, Alison, Elli, Bruce, Keith, Bret, Ross, Diana & Wayne, be strong for those you love, never forget to tell someone how you feel. From my family to yours, thank you.
 The Hart Family is Excellent. And They are amazing.
 Stu Hart is remarkable.....His sons are incredible....even their in-laws have the spark.....Davey Boy Smith is awesome!
 Wrestling is in their blood....
 Stampede Wrestling is great too! I wonder if Stu knew that, when He created Stampede Wrestling in the 30's that Someday, His Grandchildren would be wrestling there. I see the charge and the fire in the new generation of Harts...Ted Annis Hart, but especially Harry Smith. Harry named after Helen Hart's dad, not only has the spark of the Harts, he also has the fire and intensity that his dad has. I know that someday, he will have the same success Davey Boy has had. I wish them nothing but the best. They have the greatest wrestling legacy ever and are only getting better with time!
 Good luck boys!!!!!!!!
  I have been a Hart fan since god know when I really love the Hart family when the are in action every time the is some from the Harts wrestling aim looking at the TV. I am really sorry what happen to Owen in KC. I was really crushed when I heard the news. I think that was the saddest day of my life it think the WWF should be banned from the air . I hope the Hart family win the lawsuit aginist the WWF, but that money is not going to take away the pain of Owen.
 I am an American kid of 18 years.However,in the wrestling world no one has more influence on me than Stampede alumni.From Bret,Owen(god bless),Brian(god bless), and Davey to Benoit,Dynamite,Anvil,and all the other greats,these guys are the best.
 The Hart Family is so resilient and has such a great history.The Dungeon is the Harvard of wrestling school.Bret is somebody I respect a whole lot because he tries to preserve wrestling not all this NC-17 garbage.It amazes me because he is a substance over style guy yet dominates wherever he wrestles.Bruce,Bret,Keith,Owen,Wayne,Dean,Smith,Ross,Ellie,Diana,Georgia,and Allison,Stu and Helen.The standard of wrestling family.I would like to someday attend the Dungeon and wrestle in Stampede.My surname is coincidencentally Hart.
 I am proud of my surname.In closing I'd like to wish all the families a Happy New Year and Happy New Millenium.
 #1 American Supporter, Chad J. Hart
 Has a huge wrestling fan I have to say that Stu Hart has put out the best talent pro wrestling has to offer today.Along with these great tributes to this great sport it has taken the life of one of his son's in Owen Hart who I have to say is the best there was is and ever will be....I would like to thank Stu for gracing us with the talent of Owen (god bless his soul) and all the others who came out of the dungeon..So Stu at this time I would like to say a few words to you personally....
  Stu you have graced us with many of many talents frm the likes of Chris Benoit, Brian Pillman(r.i.p.) J.Y.D.(r.i.p.) Bret, Owen(r.i.p.)and many others which I can not name. For this I along with many other die hard fans thank you...I feel with out those great talents to grace the greatest sport on the face of this green earth we would not have pro wrestling today...thanks again
 "Every good, and perfect gift comes down from the Father of Lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning".
 James 1:17 Also check out Psalms 1, 2, 3, and 139 . When I read these last, I was reminded of the strength of character that the Harts have shown. I've only kept up with the sport for three years. I've had the chance to see the "Wrestling With Shadows" movie. It gave me a huge respect for wrestling. When I would watch Owen in the ring, I was able to gain a grater understanding of what it meant to be self-disciplined. I'm a disabled student. who always struggles with this issue every day. I wanted to take a moment to say what a special inspiration you've been to me.
 The Lord bless you, and keep you. May He make His shine on you, and be faithful to you. The Lord lifts His countenance upon you, and gives you peace.
 Thanks for sharing your gift with the rest of the world.
 In 1951 I was 6 years old and at the time lived with my aunt and uncle in a house on the north-east side of Edmonton. Across the road from us was a small mixed farm owned by a Mr. Hart. I don't remember a Mrs. Hart but there was a lady whom we knew as Mr. Hart's daughter who either lived there or was there most of the time.
 Mr. Hart used to talk about his son who was a wrestler and who married some young socialitte from New York.
 The Mr. Hart I remember was a very gruff fellow but gentle at heart. He used to send me back home if I appeared in the farm yard wearing a dress and he'd tell me to get changed to proper duds or to make sure that my "mom" knew I was in his yard before I came back. I remember one day when there was a calf being born he came with me to ask my aunt if I could watch the birth. As he did his thing to help the process along he explained in detail what was happening. There was another time when I was all dressed up to go shopping and having scrambled over a pile of boards in Mr. Hart's yard I almost fell into a pool of cow urine. Mr. Hart grabbed me by an arm and in no uncertain terms put me back outside the fense with a right royal scolding. My cousins were frightened of him but I knew he really wasn't as mean as they thought.
  Mind, there were times when I might have agreed with my cousins.
 Aileen Cox

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