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  November 11, 2001

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Mrs. Hart definitely class act
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By DON 'Cyrus' CALLIS -- For SLAM! Wrestling
 Helen Hart, the matriarch of the Hart wrestling family recently passed away after a long stay in hospital. She is survived by her husband, the legendary Stu Hart and many children and grandchildren. Joe Aiello and I had acknowledged it on our the NHB Radio show, but after reading Bret Hart's Calgary Sun column this week, I found myself remembering Mrs. Hart once more.

  I first met Mrs. Hart on a trip I did to Germany in 1994. We were there for a month and Stu and Helen had been brought over on the trip along with several of the Hart brothers to make appearances. It was also my first time meeting Stu, and I spent a lot of great time at our morning breakfasts listening to Stu's stories, in awe of the legend before me.

  Just as impressive in a different way was Helen Hart, who exuded intelligence, dignity and grace. In our few conversations (she would ask me if I had already heard all of Stu's stories) she was exceedingly nice and went out of her way to make you feel like part of the family. She was a warm and gracious person.

  In Bret's column he writes about the grief that his parents have had to endure over the past several years, specifically the death of Bret's brother Owen. He states that the family had been divided about Martha Hart's decision to sue the WWF and that it had caused a strain on his parents.

  Diana Hart, Bret's sister, has a tell-all gossip book out right now which simply adds fuel to a fire that shouldn't be burning in the first place. She apparently takes shots at most of the family. Bret comments that he is happy his mother never got to read it, and given the stress of the past few years he is probably right.

  Helen Hart was a classy, great lady. In many ways she held the family together, which at times must have been a difficult job. She is sorely missed by all who knew her.

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