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NWA 51st anniversary
and convention

September 25, 1999 in Charlotte, North Carolina
NWA web site | NWA Canadian affiliates: ECCW & CWF
Our coverage of the 50th anniversary and convention

Nature Boy a natural choice

Experts pick Flair as greatest NWA champ

Ric Flair

 It was 1948. War-torn South Korea dominated headlines. U.S. President Harry Truman had ordered the withdrawl of American troops from Korea. The Asian theatre was in turmoil. Who could have guessed that at the same time, the fate of the wrestling world was being inextricably changed forever in a hotel in Waterloo, Iowa?
 On July 14 1948, St Louis promoter Sam Muchnick met with five other promoters in an effort to consolidate power. The promoters, in charge of six of the biggest territories in the Midwest, had reached an agreement. They would work together, exchanging talent and look out for one another against competing promoters who would encroach their fiefdom and dare to run opposition to them. They would control the destiny of the sport, essentially blacklisting any wrestler who didn't tow the line and abide by a promoter's wishes. They would promote their shows under the same banner, and recognize one world champion.
  • Sep. 28: Full story

    Fans pick Flair too

     Over the past few months, SLAM! Wrestling has been asking the experts from around the wrestling world who the greatest NWA champion ever was. The NWA as an organization was formed in 1948 as an alliance between promoters, so we only considered champs since then, even though the title dates back historically to the early part of the century.
     John Molinaro polled the experts for the answer, and surprise, surprise, it ended being the same name as the fans.
     The Nature Boy Ric Flair. No one else was even close.
  • Sep. 28: Full poll results

    Canadians 1 for 3 at NWA show

     NWA Canadian champ E.Z. Ryder was the only Canadian indy star victorious at Saturday's NWA 51st show in Charlotte, N.C. He beat Sebastian P. Sterling in a Queen's Cup Match. In other matches, The Canadian Cartel of Crusher Carlsen & "Gorgeous" Michelle Starr went to a double DQ with The Rage and Tornado Tony Kozina was tossed out in a lightheavyweight battle royale. The big news from the weekend is that there is a new NWA World champ, and it's Gary Steele. He beat Brian Anthony and Naoya Ogawa in a three-way match.

    Remembering the great Portland territory

    By JOHN MOLINARO -- SLAM! Wrestling

     Don Owen could see the writing on the wall. He knew the end was near. The legendary NWA promoter of Pacific Northwest Wrestling saw his business drastically taper off.
     The Oregon State Athletic commission was making it next to impossible for Owen to run a profitable promotion. Cable TV was providing a cheaper alternative to a night out of wrestling at one of his shows. The WWF and WCW were in his backyard running opposite him in a territory he once ruled. There was nothing he could do.
  • Sep. 23: Full story
  • Sep. 23: Owen legacy strong in Pacific Northwest

    Canadians see NWA show as springboard

    By GREG OLIVER -- SLAM! Wrestling
     The two NWA-affiliated Canadian promotions are much better represented at this year's show, and the wrestlers from both the CWF and ECCW see the event as an opportunity to strut their stuff, and see if they have what it takes to make it in the big time.
     Current NWA Canadian champion E.Z. Ryder from Winnipeg was at the NWA convention last year, where he won the newly-created title over Paul Atlas. This year, he's facing Sebastian P. Sterling in a Queen's Cup Match, pitting a Brit versus a Canadian, in Charlotte at the Grady Cole Centre Saturday night.
  • Sep. 23: Full story

    NWA prez not fond of ECW

    By JOHN MOLINARO -- SLAM! Wrestling
     NWA President Howard Brody isn't a fan of ECW. Perhaps he's still upset over Shane Douglas trashing the NWA World Heavyweight title back in 1994 and calling the NWA a dead organization. Even though he wasn't the president at the time, it was a crushing embarrassment for the NWA.
     Whatever the reason, Brody is tired of ECW taking shots at the NWA. And he's decided to speak out.
  • Sep. 23: Full story

    Today's NWA hampered by public bickering

    By JOHN MOLINARO -- SLAM! Wrestling
     To many longtime wrestling fans, the letters N W A may just be the three most sacred in the alphabet. Formed in 1948, the National Wrestling Alliance was the most powerful and respected governing body in pro wrestling. Some of the biggest and most influential wrestling territories worked together under the N.W.A. banner before the alliance died, for all intents and purposes, in 1988 with the Ted Turner buyout of Jim Crockett Promotions.
     Today, the N.W.A. is a pale imitation of its former self. With its 24 members seemingly always at odds, the NWA has the perception of being minor league. It's an image that current NWA president Howard Brody wants to change.
  • Sep. 22: Full story

    NWA showcasing own stars

    By JOHN MOLINARO -- SLAM! Wrestling
     As the NWA celebrates its 51st anniversary, it finds itself at one of the most critical junctures in its existence. Several members have been publicly feuding over the direction of the alliance. Morale is low and fans have grown increasingly impatient with their product.
     Then there's the image problem. With a rad-tad agreement from a collection of regional promotions, the NWA has the perception of being minor league. The glory days of NWA years past continue to dog this once proud organization. Fans instinctively compare the one time powerhouse to today's meagre incarnation and ask, "is this the same organization?"
  • Sep. 22: Full story

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