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Tuesday, August 15, 2000

Kelowna hot for Nitro

By DALE TURANSKI -- For SLAM! Wrestling

KELOWNA -- Bryan Adams, Korn and Prozzak are some of the big names that have came to Kelowna to rock the new Skyreach Place but nothing can compare to WCW Nitro. The fans were wild and Skyreach Place was rocking! WCW really tore the place apart and mhy not?...This is wrestling country! With the fans cheering and the music playing, WCW superstars blew the roof off. Kelowna may be a place that many people have never heard of, but WCW will remember the town for a long time.

It was definitely a night for Canadians as Lance Storm was the crowd favourite. As Storm defended his belt against Mike Awesome, he had the entire crowd on his side. Chants of 'USA sucks' filled the building. As Mike Awesome tapped out to the Canadian Maple Leaf, the fans went insane.

With multiple title changes, this was no ordinary show. With a mix of new stars and great performances from seasoned veterans, this was an outstanding Nitro. Goldberg seemed to bring back his old self tonight and wrecked havoc throughout the night.

WCW and WWF shows are rare here in Canada but hopefully these federations will take notice that Canada has great wrestling fans. WCW made it an exciting night and one to remember for along time. We can only hope that WCW and the WWF can make Canadian cities a regular stop.

Nitro - August 14, 2000

Nick Tylwalk's Monday Night Nitro Report

  • Oh Canada - are you going to let WCW treat you like that? Sure, it seemed like they were throwing you a bone by putting on New Blood Rising in your fair country. Little did you know that it would turn out to be the most lackluster pay-per-view in this, the second reign of Vince Russo. Let's hope they redeem themselves tonight.
  • Russo and Tank Abbott are standing in the ring, and I think I know what's coming. Vinny Ru says he was ready to make an example out of another WCW wrestler - Goldberg - but Brad Seigel wouldn't let him be fired on live TV. As a consolation prize, he's settled for watching Abbott beat up on Goldberg. After numerous uses of colorful language that are all censored, Russo realizes that Goldberg isn't coming out and tells the speechless announcers to go to break.
  • Ah, but Goldberg did come out during the break, and now he's going at it with Tank. When Abbott is finished, Goldberg chases after New York's favourite son and sends the announcers scurrying when he smashes the announce table. Quick, go back to break.
  • Match 1 - The Franchise and Reno vs. Kidman and Big Vito. Kidman gets this year's winner of the "Fastest Face Turn" award to help him in a match that sees all four men constantly in the ring. Kidman goes for the Kid Crusher, but Douglas makes the save; Reno hits the Roll the Dice only to have Vito break up the pin with a big elbow. Kidman is crotched by The Franchise trying for the Shooting Star Press, but Vito hits a splash from the other corner to pin Reno. Douglas ends up locked in his own handcuffs as Kidman nails Reno with a post-match Kid Crusher. The Perfect Event, Mark Jindrak and Sean O'Haire hit the ring and stomp our heroes, then stand around like they are in a bad Gap ad.
  • The Filthy Animals present The Cat with his new personal assistant, Mrs. Jones. They say she can do anything for Miller, and I believe it.
  • David Flair, still muddy from the events of last night, wanders backstage before making his way to the ring. His incoherent rambling worries Major Gunns, who heads out to console him. Gunns tries to apologize but Dave isn't having it. Miss Hancock heads to the ring to stop David from threatening Gunns, and she looks fine to me. And this just in: she's pregnant.
  • Match 2 - Lance Storm vs. Mike Awesome - Canadian (U.S.) Title Match Miller declares himself the guest referee due to last night's Canadian rules debacle. Awesome looks like he might avenge his loss following an Awesome Bomb, but Jacques Rougeau arrives to take out The Cat. Awesome turns his attention to Rougeau, who is joined by his old buddy Carl Oulette. The Canadians drop Awesome with a cannonball and Storm locks on the Maple Leaf. Miller revives and unloads with kicks, but more help arrives in the form of "Prime Time" Elix Skipper. Miller falls to Skipper's finisher and Rougeau calls for the bell.
  • Storm introduces Pamela Paulshock to Team Canada. To reward them for their help, Storm gives the Saskatchewan belt to Oulette and the 100 Kilo and Under strap to Skipper.
  • Match 3 - Jeff Jarrett vs. Booker T - World Title Match. If Russo was feeling deja vu at the top of the broadcast, I'm really feeling it now. Why the heck would I pay $29.99 for New Blood Rising if I knew all the matches would be repeated today? Anyway... lots of counters and reversals tonight. Jarrett goes for his guitar, Booker tries for the Bookend but neither connect. The champ hits a Harlem sidekick and grabs JJ's guitar, but it's the ref who takes the bump. Charles Robinson runs in to count two after Booker's spinebuster. Booker hits an ax kick but Jarrett ducks a sidekick. Jarrett connects with The Stroke and looks like the new champ when he is pulled from the ring by Goldberg and unceremoniously launched into the crowd. Hey Russo, are you watching?
  • Scott Steiner blazes new ground in his Paulshock interview with his bizarre scatological threat for Kevin Nash, who he is slated to wrestle in yet another rehash from last night.
  • Match 4 - Carl "The Rave" Oulette vs. Screamin' Norman Smiley - Saskatchewan (Hardcore) Title Match. Smiley is a reluctant participant in this, a pretty standard hardcore match. Oulette drops Smiley with a chokeslam/power bomb and sets the wiggler on a table. The Rave tries for a splash but referee Charles Robinson moves Smiley out of the way. A bewildered Smiley ends up on top of Oulette for the three count and becomes the new hardcore champ whether he likes it or not.
  • The Cat and Mrs. Jones look for a suitable challenger for Skipper. How about Kwee Wee? Backstage, Nash uses his time with Paulshock to continue his political quest to get Scott Hall reinstated. Big Sexy also lets us know that he will wrestle Booker tonight or he won't wrestle at all.
  • Match 5 - Filthy Animals vs. Vampiro and Great Muta - Tag Team Title Match Kronic comes out to help commentate. Well, Adams helps anyway - Clark must just be wearing his headset as a fashion statement. The Harris boys come out of the crowd under the cover of the darkness of The Dark Carnival's entrance and they fight with Kronic out into the crowd. The Juice gets a hot tag after several minutes of action and runs wild until he gets hit with the green mist. Vamp gives Rey Jr. the Nail in the Coffin, but the lights dim and Sting arrives. And where The Stinger goes, his bat is sure to follow. A few bat shots is enough to put Muta down for Rey to make the cover and win the belts.
  • The Dark Carnival storms into The Cat's office and continues a weekly tradition by demanding a four corners match with Sting.
  • Match 6 - Elix Skipper vs. Kwee Wee - 100 kg and Under (Cruiserweight) Title Match. My brother Nate makes an unusually salient observation by remarking that these two can put on some good matches together. Skipper is especially impressive, using his eye-popping agility on both offense and defense. Prime Time reverses a hanging suplex into a DDT, then gets out his Grey Cup ring. Kwee Wee rallies to get a two count with a corkscrew short power bomb, but Skipper knocks out the wardrobe man with his ring and gets the pinfall. An angry Kwee Wee vents his frustration on the ref.
  • Match 7 - Sting vs. Vampiro vs. The Demon vs. Great Muta. This starts out more like a handicap match until Vampiro starts beating on The Demon. Sting uses a Stinger Splash to set up Muta for the Scorpion Deathlock. Vamp gets ready to use a kendo stick on Sting, but in one of those "I saw that coming from a mile away" moments, The Demon turns on him. Muta submits; The Carnival regroups and drags Sting back up the ramp.
  • The man sometimes known as Dale Torborg saves Sting from becoming a victim of... er, something at the hands of The Dark Carnival.
  • Nash interviews a cardboard stand-up of Hall. A quick survey shows the Canadian fans in overwhelming support of Hall's return. Big Sexy calls for Booker, and the champ comes down the ramp. Oh... he almost made it. Steiner clobbers Booker from behind with a metal pipe and turns his attention to Nash. Look, up on the Nitro Vision - it's Goldberg. Continuing his fun as WCW's most ambiguous character, Goldberg sets Midajah up for a Jackhammer. Big Poppa Pump sprints to the back to find that his favourite freak has already been on a ride through a table.

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