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Kelowna hot for Nitro

By DALE TURANSKI -- For SLAM! Wrestling
 KELOWNA -- Bryan Adams, Korn and Prozzak are some of the big names that have came to Kelowna to rock the new Skyreach Place but nothing can compare to WCW Nitro. The fans were wild and Skyreach Place was rocking! WCW really tore the place apart and mhy not?...This is wrestling country! With the fans cheering and the music playing, WCW superstars blew the roof off. Kelowna may be a place that many people have never heard of, but WCW will remember the town for a long time.
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    Canada rules at New Blood Rising

    By JOHN POWELL -- SLAM! Wrestling
    Storm  Someone call the army, the navy or the marines! The good old United States Of America has been invaded! It's official. Canada has taken over World Championship Wrestling. At the conclusion of a below average New Blood Rising pay-per-view from the PNE Coliseum in Vancouver, Canadian wrestlers laid claim to every WCW Championship except their World Heavyweight Title held by Booker T.
     Through some underhanded trickery Canada's new grappling hero, Lance Storm, retained his Canadian Heavyweight Championship (formerly known as the U.S. Heavyweight Title) in his match against his former ECW stablemate, Mike Awesome. On his own, Storm now holds three WCW Championships, the Canadian Title, the Hardcore title and the Cruiserweight strap (renamed the Saskatchewan Hardcore International Title and the One Hundred Kilos And Under Title by Storm). Fellow Canadian, Vampiro, added to that haul when he and Japanese legend, The Great Muta, defeated the tag team champions Kronic.
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  • WCW New Blood Rising Photo Gallery

    Vancouver warms up to WCW

    By RYAN ROBSON -- For SLAM! Wrestling
    Hancock/Gunns  VANCOUVER -- In the first ever WCW pay per view in Vancouver, many patrons were not very sure what to expect. Most of us had been to WWF shows, and only seen WCW on TV. It is quite obvious that with the reception that Vancouver gave WCW, that the city will be a usual stop on the WCW tour.
     Things started out very slowly at the PNE Coliseum; as Mean Gene Okerlund was previewing the matches, things were fairly quiet besides the occasional "U.S. sucks" chants. As the evening progressed, and the bigger name stars came out, the house started to rock. I noticed that the fans had more of a quiet appreciation for the double-ladder match, but things started to pick up when the clothes went flying in the ROTC match, and carried on until the end of the evening when Booker T retained his title.
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  • WCW New Blood Rising Photo Gallery

    Lance takes WCW by Storm

    By JOHN F. MOLINARO -- SLAM! Wrestling
     Those who questioned Lance Storm's decision to leave ECW for WCW earlier this summer are still picking their teeth clean of the full course of crow they've been dining on.
     Since joining WCW, Storm has gone from mild-mannered mid-carder to one of the top heels in the promotion. He's added three titles to his collection and has become the hot topic of discussion in wrestling. And for good reason. He's taken WCW by storm (no pun intended), establishing himself as one of the hottest commodities in the business.
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    Countdown to New Blood Rising

    Another WCW pay-per-view held on Canadain soil? Beauty, eh? Making Canada darn proud for years, Lance Storm gets to prove why he and other Canucks like him (Benoit, Jericho, Edge, Christian) deserve to lead the charge as the future of pro wrestling. Defending the newly-designated WCW CANADIAN Heavyweight Title (Ha. Ha.) this Sunday at the New Blood Rising pay-per-view against his former ECW stablemate - Mike Awesome - will be a true test of Storm's true grit. If an appearance by Storm wasn't enough, wrestling fans get treated to another wicked bout between popular WCW World Heavyweight Champion, Booker T. and the crafty traditionalist, Jeff Jarrett. Also on the card, WCW fans will find out who the legit challenger to Booker's belt will be when Kevin Nash, Goldberg and Scott Steiner collide in a three-way match. To read our thoughts and predictions, check out our Countdown To New Blood Rising.
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    Douglas ready to Franchise Kidman

    By JOHN F. MOLINARO -- SLAM! Wrestling
    Shane Douglas.
     As WCW slowly turns the corner into respectability, many on the promotion's roster are enthusiastic about the company's future. Count Shane Douglas among them. This Sunday, Douglas takes on Billy Kidman as part of the under-card at WCW's New Blood Rising pay-per-view from the PNE Coliseum in Vancouver, British Columbia. The Pittsburgh native has been feuding with Kidman for the past several weeks and is looking forward to the showcase provided him on pay-per-view this weekend. "I love (working with Kidman)," Douglas told SLAM! Wrestling in an exclusive interview yesterday. "There are certain guys in the business you gel with and some you don't. Billy and I have a good chemistry together. I think the outcome (has been) great, entertaining matches for the fans and the storyline, including Torrie, I think it makes it that much more complete."
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    From WrestleMania to New Blood Rising

    A history of Canadian PPVs

    By CHRIS SCHRAMM -- For SLAM! Wrestling
     It started with the Ultimate Warrior, and the tradition will continue at 'New Blood Rising,' a WCW pay-per-view set for August 13 in Vancouver, British Columbia.
     The Ultimate Warrior won the WWF World title at the first pay-per-view held in Canada, WrestleMania VI in 1990. That day about 65,000 fans filled the newly-built Toronto SkyDome to watch the highly anticipated Hulk Hogan vs. Ultimate Warrior main event.
     The night also saw Andre the Giant, in what one of last matches, turn on his manager, Bobby Heeenan, to a rousing ovation from the crowd.
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    3 Count see chance to shine

    3 Count
    By GREG OLIVER -- SLAM! Wrestling
     The double ladder match at New Blood Rising will be a great chance for 3 Count to shine, and they know it.
      Their opponents are the Jung Dragons, another young team wanting to make itself known.
      "We're ready to go and make our mark as far as the wrestling industry goes, to make people look at us and say, 'Hey, that's the future right there.'," 3 Count's Shannon Moore told SLAM! Wrestling.
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    Storm's anti-USA war could be WCW's answer

    By MARK BOARDMAN -- For SLAM! Wrestling
    So Lance Storm is now a triple crown winner? WCW United States title (Or Canadian if you prefer), WCW Hardcore champion and now WCW Cruiserweight champion. Depending on your viewpoint Storm has either earned his massive push through years of paying his dues or he has been given a ridiculous amount far too soon by a company starved for ideas. Personally, I think Storm should lose all his title as quickly as possible, preferably in one Canada. Insanity you say? That would destroy his career? Not necessarily.
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