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WCW New Blood Rising

PNE Coliseum, Vancouver, B.C.
Sunday, August 13, 2000.

SLAM! WRESTLING: New Blood Rising

Another WCW pay-per-view held on Canadain soil? Beauty, eh? Making Canada darn proud for years, Lance Storm gets to prove why he and other Canucks like him (Benoit, Jericho, Edge, Christian) deserve to lead the charge as the future of pro wrestling. Defending the newly-designated WCW Canadian Heavyweight Title (Ha. Ha.) this Sunday at the New Blood Rising pay-per-view against his former ECW stablemate - Mike Awesome - will be a true test of Storm's true grit. If an appearance by Storm wasn't enough, wrestling fans get treated to another wicked bout between popular WCW World Heavyweight Champion, Booker T. and the crafty traditionalist, Jeff Jarrett. Also on the card, WCW fans will find out who the legit challenger to Booker's belt will be when Kevin Nash, Goldberg and Scott Steiner collide in a three-way match.

WCW World Heavyweight Title Match

Booker T (Champion)

Best Moves: Missile dropkick, his spinning axe kick.
Fav saying: Don't hate the player, hate the game.
Best Moment: Winning the WCW World title from Jeff Jarrett.
Advantage: Consummate pro. Even headed.
Disadvantage: How will he react in first big title defence?


Jeff Jarrett

Best Move: The Stroke.
Fav saying: Numbnuts!
Best Moment: Winning the Intercontinental title more than anyone in WWF History. Tagging with the late Owen Hart.
Advantage: Shows no mercy to either sex. Comes from a traditional wrestling family.
Disadvantage: Underestimates his opponents. Cocky.

SLAM! Predictions

  • John Powell: Kick ass! Though not as memorable as the Booker versus Benoit series, this feud holds a special place in my heart. Here are two of the most talented individuals in the biz who have been held down and put down for years. Finally, they getting the recognition they so richly deserve! Booker as WCW Champion has injected so much new-found interest in WCW, I can't see them pulling the rug out from under him just yet. Jarrett will lose but this won't be the last of their rivalry.

  • John Molinaro: The Booker T experiment has proven to be a success so far. He's restored some credibility to the title and has had some fantatsic matches. I'm reallly surprised that WCW has gotten behind him and given him the ball to run with. They appear to be commited to giving him a decent run on top. That's why I look for him to go over here. It would be stupid to derail him now just as he's built some momentum.

  • Eric Benner: Tough one. Booker T is the People's Champ and Jeff Jarrett is the Chosen One, after all. It's like an epic or something. Jeff Jarrett doesn't gain much from another title win, but the title is benefitting from Booker's stability. The question is, can he wrestle on that gimp leg? I think Booker will pull this one out of the fire, but I'm hoping we don't get another injury-stall match.

  • Ryan Robson: These two put on such great matches and they complement each other so well that this should be an incredible match. I don't really care who wins, as long as it's a clean victory. I have a good feeling that Booker T will continue his title reign.

    Canadian Title Match

    Lance Storm (Champion)

    Best Move: Cradle-Piledriver, Super Kick.
    Fav saying: That one's from Calgary.....Alberta, Canada!
    Best Moment: Becoming WCW Canadian champion.
    Advantage: Complete, total wrestler.
    Disadvantage: Is new to WCW and his opponents.


    Mike Awesome

    Best Move: Awesome Bomb.
    Fav Saying: You are going to be awesomely destroyed.
    Best Moment: Winning the ECW World title in an impromptu Three Way Dance at Anarchy Rulz '99.
    Advantage: His size and help on the outside of the ring.
    Disadvantage: The bigger they are...

    SLAM! Predictions

  • John Powell: By pushing a lot of the younger guys, WCW is heading down the right path to a brighter future. It may take time but if they keep the faith, WCW will be rewarded...just you wait and see. Obviously being a proud Canadian, I am VERY curious about what type of reaction Lance Storm is going to get in B.C. It should be a moment wrestling fans and Lance himself won't soon forget. Like Booker in the previous match, Lance is generating intrigue so WCW will leave him alone. The U.S. title thingy is such a BIG part of his gimmick and for that reason I believe Awesome will walk away empty-handed.

  • John Molinaro: Really looking forward to this one. Kind of funny that for so long, both these guys were non-entities in North America and plyed their trade in Japan. I love the push Lance is getting. I think it's one of the few things I really like in WCW. No way Lance will job in Canada. This is his show. Look for him to have a breakout performance here.

  • Eric Benner: Canadian son Lance Storm will defend at least one title against Mike Awesome, and I wonder whether Vancouver will be behind him (a la Bret Hart whenever he wrestles here) or against him (a la Owen Hart's ultra-effective nugget heel character, who was so over as a heel that even Canadians booed him - sometimes). Either way, I can't see Lance Storm walking out with anything less than a decisive victory. If he loses the Canadian title, what's he left with? Hardcore and cruiserweight? Yay.

  • Ryan Robson: Hmm, Storm announced that he would not defend the Canadian heavyweight title on U.S. soil, so that either means that he will be stripped of the title, or lose it at New Blood Rising. Come to think of it, WCW is making other stops in Canada this week, so let's have Storm win at NBR, but by cheating, and Awesome gets a rematch and the title the following night.

    No. 1 Contender for the World title

    Scott Steiner

    Best Move: Frankensteiner.
    Fav saying: I'm Big Poppa Pump
    Best Moment: Any number of World Tag title wins.
    Advantage: He's the champ. You have to beat him clean to get the belt.
    Disadvantage: Complete egomaniac in love with himself.


    Bill Goldberg

    Best Move: The Jackhammer slam. Standing inside the fireworks during his ring entrance.
    Fav saying: Who's next?
    Best Moment: Creamed Hogan for the WCW World Title.
    Advantage: Power personified. Invulnerable to pain.
    Disadvantage: Not the greatest ring general on the planet.


    Kevin Nash

    Best Move: The Jack-Knife Powerbomb.
    Fav saying: Outsiders in da Houuuuuuse!!!!
    Best Moments: Winning the WCW Title. Ending Goldberg's streak. Breaking The Giant's neck. The Kliq incident at Madison Square Garden.
    Advantage: His size.
    Disadvantage: Can't keep up with smaller opponents.

    SLAM! Predictions

  • John Powell: Yawn! Steiner is the only one with talent in this group but I predict Big Lazy will score the win just because of his political stroke.

  • John Molinaro: Ugh! Three stiffs. The whiner (Goldberg), the moron (Steiner) and Big Useless (Nash). I could care less frankly. None of them can work their way out of a wet paper bag. Look for Big Useless to come out on top in light of all the political moves he's pulled lately.

  • Eric Benner: Okay, let's review. Vince Russo likes two of the three men here. We know he tolerates Nash now, and Scott Steiner probably hasn't threatened him yet. So he doesn't like Goldberg. And he said the result will be "good for WCW". So that means "good for Vince Russo". That must mean Goldberg jobs, I say to Kevin Nash.

  • Ryan Robson: This has tons of intrigue, Nash hates Goldberg, Goldberg hates Nash, and Steiner hates everyone. So much talk has been made between Nash and Goldberg, it seems fitting that they should have another one on one match, thus give the match to the wild card Scott Steiner.

    Under card matches

    Match John Powell John Molinaro Eric Benner Ryan Robson
    Kronic vs. The Perfect Event vs. General Rection & Corp. Cajun vs. Mark Jindrak & Sean O'Haire (4 corners tag title match) Kronic Perfect Event Jindrak & O'Haire Jindrak & O'Haire
    Major Gunns vs Ms. Hancock (Mud Pit Boot Camp Match, winner must rip camouflage off) Don't really care. Whatever Major Gunns WCW (great booking!). Officially, Miss Hancock
    Shane Douglas vs Billy Kidman Douglas Douglas Douglas Douglas
    3 Count vs Jung Dragons (Double Ladder Match) Jung Dragons Jung Dragons 3 Count Jung Dragons
    Sting vs The Demon Sting Sting Sting Demon (sadly)
    Buff Bagwell vs Positively Kanyon (Judy Bagwell on a pole match) Judy on a pole?? Bah. Ha. Ha. Kanyon Kanyon Kanyon Kanyon

    WCW New Blood Rising will be broadcast live on pay-per-view and home satellite and is available in Canada on Viewers Choice. Check with your local cable company for availability.

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