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  June 22, 1999

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New WWF vids hit stores
By JOHN POWELL -- SLAM! Wrestling

 It used to be you'd have to hang a wrestler over a vat of boiling acid to get them to acknowledge that pro wrestling is scripted entertainment. Wrestlers would never dream of "breaking Kayfabe" (revealing trade secrets) for fear of what would happen to their livlihood. Those days are long gone. The majority of wrestling fans are familiar with the inner workings of "sports entertainment" so as the promoters and wrestlers see it, there's no point locking the barn door once the horses have galloped away. In three of the four WWF home videos hitting U.S. stores today (June 29th in Canada), Steve Austin, The Rock and the women of the WWF not only break Kayfabe, they occasionally shatter it to itty-bitty pieces.

Hell Yeah: Stone Cold's Saga Continues

60 Minutes

HELL YEAH Hell Yeah is the third Steve Austin themed video and it's the best of the lot. Playing on the Rolling Stone interview of last year, an interviewer trails the Rattlesnake for three straight days lobbing questions at him about his work, his opponents and his life.

Austin is honest in his responses to the point of casting himself as the comic relief. In one instance Austin admits to stupidly sneaking a drink from the beer hose he sprayed McMahon with on Raw and in doing so came close to blasting his tonsils clear through the back of his neck. For those trivia enthusiasts, we also learn which rock band inspired Austin's theme song, why he had the Stone Cold title belt made and what happened to McMahon's "prized" Corvette after Austin filled it with liquid concrete.

Hell Yeah covers a lot of ground as far as Austin's WWF career goes. The wrestling highlights start with his WWF World Title win at WrestleMania 14 and end with his title defence against The Rock at WrestleMania 15.

A heads-up to parents, the uncut content of Hell Yeah may not be appropriate for younger viewers. Austin isn't one to mince his words so there is some REAL strong language on the tape. In addition to that, Austin doesn't set a good example by guzzling brews as he cruises the interstate in his pick-up truck. Stone Cold surely isn't the poster boy for M.A.D.D.


The Rock: Know Your Role

60 Minutes

Bypassing his Rocky Miavia - face days, Know Your Role details Dwayne Johnson's rise from a bit character in the Nation Of Domination to his main event status at WrestleMania 15. On his march to the top, The Rock lays the smack down on the likes of Ken Shamrock, Mankind and Steve Austin.

Johnson bills himself as the "most electrifying figure in sports entertainment today". That may be true, but instead of spending his big bucks on an electrifying wardrobe, maybe The Rock ought to invest some dough in a good thesaurus he could share with The Road Dogg and Billy Gunn.

Don't get me wrong. I love Dwayne Johnson. The Rock, Chris Jericho, Rey Mysterio Jr. and Edge, comprise a talented pride of young lions who will be the future of pro wrestling, though watching an hour-long tape of repetitive "jabroni" this and "jabroni" that interviews and I was itching to yank Rocky's cassette out of the People's VCR and chuck it out the People's Window.

Only REALLY die-hard Rocky fans need to check into this Smack Down Hotel.


The Best Of Raw: Volume One

75 Minutes

Austin and McMahon. The Undertaker meets his "brother" Kane. Sable's feud with Jackie. More Austin and McMahon. The return of Sean Waltman (AKA: X-Pac) to the WWF and his shoot interview on Eric Bischoff. D-Generation X's classic spoof on the Nation Of Domination. And still more of Austin and McMahon is just some of the footage you will find on the first-ever Best Of Raw tape. Hosted by Michael Cole, Volume One serves as a video scrapbook of the WWF's controversial Monday Night Raw broadcasts. It's worth the price alone to have Austin's wild zamboni ride and his brutal hospital room attack on Vince McMahon (who will ever forget the sound that bed pan made?) as part of your home video collection.

Come Get Some: The Women Of The WWF

45 Minutes

COME GET SOME Quit your slobbering, guys. Though the video box suggests racy material inside, there's nothing on Come Get Some - a cassette devoted entirely to the women of the WWF - that you haven't seen before on Raw or a pay-per-view excluding a very short beach video shoot at the end of the tape.

Come Get Some isn't so much about skin as it is brains. The cassette is divided into interview segments featuring superstars Sable, Jackie, Chyna, Debra, Terri Runnels, Torrie and Ivory. Each is in a setting best suited to their personas -- Chyna in the gym, Runnels at a wine tasting exhibition for example. There, we are told of their early beginnings and how they broke into the business.

The most enlightening chats are with Chyna and Jackie. Chyna describes how rejection based on her physical appearance hurt her when she first entered the WWF. In her interview, Jackie -- who was trained in kick boxing, karate and wrestling -- pulls no punches on Eric Bischoff's alleged attitude towards female wrestlers. Her revelations seem rather ironic considering that she is now employed by the WWF.

If nothing else maybe...just maybe...this video might educate those lunkhead male fans who are prone to shout "Take it off!" at the sight of a beautiful woman.

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