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  March 18, 2016

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SLAM! Wrestling: Sable (Rena Mero)

Rena Mero live chat with SLAM! Wrestling

Sable released by WWE

By TJ MADIGAN - Calgary Sun
  Rena Mero, best known to wrestling fans as the buxom Sable character on Smackdown each week, has been released from her contract with World Wrestling Entertainment. Reports say Mero quit due to the gruelling WWE travel schedule but a more likely explanation is she was dropped when WWE bosses caught wind of an interview she gave to the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette earlier this week.
  • Aug. 14, 2004: Full story

    WWE, Sable part ways

    By JASON CLEVETT -- SLAM! Wrestling
      Rena "Sable" Mero, who along with Sunny was one of the first true "Divas" has left World Wrestling Entertainment, according to a brief statement on
  • Aug. 11, 2004: Full story

    Steeped in Sable

    By SCOTT ZERR -- Edmonton Sun
      It's getting hot in here.
     On the other end of the phone is World Wrestling Entertainment diva Sable and we begin to discuss a very important issue facing a world struggling with the tensions of war, infectious diseases and economic strife.
     So Sable, just exactly what goes into a bikini match?
  • Aug. 3, 2003: Full story

    Relic Hunter presents... Sable vs. Tia

    By BILL BRIOUX -- Toronto Sun
    SLAM! Wrestling Photo gallery: SABLE   Okay, I have to admit it: The last time I watched wrestling, the Love Brothers were still wearing paisley pants.
      But even I had heard of Sable, the blonde bombshell who could drop a 300-pound man on his head as part of wrestling's sexiest sideshow.
      Sable, as wrestling fans know, recently had a big falling out with the WWF. Now going by her own name, Rena Mero, the statuesque ex-wrestling star is pursuing an acting career. She muscled her way to Toronto this week to guest star on Relic Hunter, Tia Carrere's Indiana Jones-ish adventure series (airing locally on CITY-TV).
  • Nov. 17, 1999: Full story

    The Sable Gallery: Page 1 | Page 2

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