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EDITOR'S NOTE: Eric Benner is SLAM! Wrestling's regular Friday columnist.

Friday, October 16, 1998

Musings on a mega-card

Eric Benner
Special to SLAM! Sports

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Attentive readers have brought to my attention that after this week's Intercontinental title tournament on Raw, it is now duty to consume my keyboard. That's what I wrote I'd do if Golden Boy, Mr. Ken Shamrock ever got his hands on gold. Well, I have either one, two, or thirteen words for you. Take your pick.

I was discussing, this week, with a friend, the possibility of an inter-organization pay-per-view. I'm mostly talking WWF and WCW, because as anyone with a clue knows, there can't be an inter-organization card involving ECW because there's no organization in ECW. I thought it might be an interesting idea to make one up. Of course, it's true that this would never happen, not with the bad blood between Eric Bischoff and Vince McMahon, but then again, most athletes don't come back from the dead or heal from a "near-fatal" neck injury in under a week so we've already suspended our disbelief.

Creating a realistic and interesting mega-card takes time, precision, and a lack of bias. Of course, I have none of these, so I require assistance. There are three steps in this process. The first is to select the participants from the two organizations, the second is to determine the matches, and the third, of course, is to book them. The beauty of reaching so many people with a column is that I won't be deciding any of this. You will. This will be the first in a series of three fan votes. This week, what I need from you are the names of those you think should represent the WWF and WCW. I have to count them all, so don't send many - a maximum of two singles wrestlers and one tag team per organization per person. You'll find my address at the bottom of the column. That's to make sure you read the whole thing! Don't email me more than once. Next week, I'll post the results of this vote and you'll be able to vote on what the most interesting match combinations would be. The week after, I'll post those, and you'll be able to vote on the winner (with a twist, you'll see). So get those fingers typing everybody tell me what they think. Be sure to come back next week, as well, for part one in the three-part series.

Well, the editors here are nice enough to give me this soap-box to stand on each week, so I guess I should express some opinions. Plus I know you're all dying to hear them.

I have nothing further to say about this week's Raw, except that I'm glad the Big Boy in Blue finally made his return to the WWF. Aside from his complete misuse in WCW, it would have been just the latest in a long string of false internet reports had he not shown up (see: Sid, Yokozuna). I personally enjoyed Nitro a lot this week. I was a little disappointed that Chris Jericho got such a clean, easy win on the man they call Raven, not because I don't think Jericho doesn't deserve clean wins as I think that Raven deserves more than a clean loss to the television champion, or at least not a quick reversal of his Even Flow (thoughts arrive like butterflies!) into the Lion Tamer. A more drawn-out, psychological, but no less clean loss would have been more satisfying to me.

The next two weekends should prove interesting. A sub-par undercard with the chance to soar for some of the newcomers for the WWF and an almost Starrcade-like card for WCW with the chance to make a complete and utter failure of themselves. That's not to say that it will or they will. You can look for our predictions for Judgement Day later today or tomorrow at SLAM!, but I can tell you tonight that the Taka Michinoku/Christian Cage match may be the match of the night for the WWF. Aside from resurging their very sluggish (very non-existent) light heavyweight division, it'll give a chance to two very talented athletes to really show their stuff. Maybe the fans will cheer so loud (deservingly) that the WWF executives will realize that making Michinoku job to every big man they want to put over isn't the brightest of ideas.

I look forward, as always, to a great WWF main event, and the undercard promises to be good one - from a wrestling stand-point - but Titan promoters didn't do their usually awesome job of hyping the feuds in the event so I don't know if people will care enough to watch it.

Halloween Havoc, though, promises to have a lot of big names in a lot of big matches. Goldberg takes on Dallas "one of two other faces in the whole damn organization" Page. Bret Hart takes on his identical twin, Sting. Kevin Nash and Scott Hall will get it on in a lion's den, er, barroom brawl match. Triple H (don't tell me nobody else noticed that) will take on the Warrior who is Ultimate, not to be confused with the WWF registered trademarked Ultimate Warrior.


That's enough of that. Here's the mailbag.

Mike, from, writes:

*I love how upset people get about Bret Hart and WCW! It's really funny. I mean after all, it is a BUSINESS and hart is in it to MAKE MONEY! As far as Vince is concerned, ain't it funny how he couldn't afford to pay Bret but he could pay Tyson 2-3 million? Thanks!*

You actually raise an interesting point, Mike. Vince McMahon did claim that he no longer had the money to pay Bret Hart, and granted, Bret Hart commands a big salary, but as soon as he left, faces began to pop up in the WWF, starting with Jeff Jarrett and ending with their one-time acquisition of Tyson, so what Vince McMahon should have said was "Bret, I can afford to pay you, but I don't think you're worth it." You're right, though, Mike, it's a business, and everyone in it is there to make money. I'm sure that Bret would raise as a point his desire to wrestle, and certainly, for a man like him, I believe it, but it would be naive to think that money isn't a consideration.

Shernet,, writes:

*Goldberg is the Hulk Hogan of the 90's. Absolutely no wrestling ability and no mic skills. The one interview he did do was one of the worst in WCW history. This guy doesn't deserve to hold the WCW Television Title. I hate to see guys like Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit get pushed to the side because of this idiot. The smartest thing WCW could do right now is to have Goldberg lose the title to Kevin Nash and disappear. Also as a side note why doesn't Bret Hart defend the U.S. Title anymore. And what ever happened to The WCW Tag Titles. Two years ago they were the hottest titles in WCW when the Outsiders held them. Now you don't even see them around.*

Are you suggesting to me that you'd like to see an Eddie Guerrero/Goldberg match at Starrcade, with Eddie nailing Goldberg with his devastating frog splash for the win? Or maybe his LWO luchadores could mount the four corners and land four drop kicks on Goldberg, and he'd sell them and fall to the mat. One! Two! Three! Or maybe, after his numerous dodgings of Goldberg, Jericho finally gets down to it in the ring, and when Goldberg tries to spear him, Jericho moves out of the way and (boom!) slaps on the lion tamer? Of course, Goldberg would submit right away. Don't get me wrong, I understand what you're saying and I don't know if I like Goldberg as champ, either, but how is a Goldberg heavyweight champion causing Guerrero's career to take a turn for the worse, unless you think that Guerrero should be the heavyweight champion, which I think would be a ridiculous situation. While we're at it, let's have a Survivor Series triple threat match for the WWF title: Kane, the Undertaker, and Taka Michinoku.

That's all for this week. Remember, send in those votes! Two single, one tag team for each organization. Stay tuned next week for more on the dream card. Thanks for visiting SLAM!, see you in seven. Send email to

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