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Monday, October 26, 1998

More mega-card musings

Eric Benner
Special to SLAM! Sports

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Well, it's that time. Time for part two in the inter-federation mega-card extravaganza!

The votes are in, and I'd like to thank everyone who took the time to vote on their favourite wrestlers in each fed. A lot of the votes were close, but there can only be so many winners. So without further ado, I present you with the victors:

First, for the WWF.

The top vote getter, by far, and as was to be expected, was none other than two-time former champ Stone Cold Steve Austin. The Rattlesnake came away with more votes than any other competitor (in the singles division), not so much because of his popularity, I think, but because all you WCW haters out there want to see him kick some Goldberg ass!

Next to the top was the man I thought would take home the most votes, the guy who's undoubtedly at the top of his (and everybody else's) game right now, the Rock. Many of you named just exactly who you'd like to see "the smack lain down on" or who you want to be kicked into perfect position just prior to the People's Elbow.

The other singles competitors who made the top nine (I had to limit it somewhere) include the following:

Mick Foley. I shudder to think whether you want him to give someone down south the Socko mandible claw or just want him to get the tar kicked out of him at the hands of some newer faces.

Undertaker. This guy must be getting less and less popular, because I would bet that six months ago, he would have been the number one or two pick, since despite his former WCW presence, he's always been regarded as one of those WWF 4 life guys.

Shawn Michaels. This fake pay-per-view is just that, fake. The Heartbreak Kid gets to participate if we want him to, and just enough of you thought to vote for him to get him in.

Hunter Hearst Helmsley. Same deal as Shawn Michaels. Won out by the skin of his teeth.

Ken Shamrock. I have two things to say about this. First, I'm very disappointed in all of you who voted for him. Have you learned nothing? Second, I hope you pit him against someone who will destroy him so he'll be out of wrestling for life in my fake inter-league.

Vince McMahon. Wow, you really want to see him wrestle. Hmmm, since Steve Austin can't wrestle someone from his own federation, I wonder who in WCW has been "screwed" as much as Austin...who could take his place...who could knock Vince McMahon's lights out...hmmm...

Lastly, Mark Henry. I can't believe anyone voted for him. But obviously, they did.

In the tag team division, the clear-cut, far-and-away, over-the-top winners were of course the tag team champions of the woooooooorld, the New Age Outlaws. They killed all other competitors, as only two people (out of about three hundred and fifty) voted for other teams: one vote for Kane and Undertaker, one for the Hardy Boys. Hahaha. Very funny.

Next, we have WCW.

The votes were much more spread-out in WCW, and no one really had clear-cut favourites (some people felt very, erm, strongly about Steve Austin and The Rock's presence in this thing).

The top vote-getter was Big Daddy Sexy Cool, the Diesel Giant Killer, Kevin Nash. Strange that someone who has never held the WCW world title was the most popular pick, eh?

Number two went to Goldberg, so some people out there must still approve of his championship status. Then again, that must be true anyway since people do cheer this guy on, even if the internet community disapproves.

Other top-nine competitors include:

Diamond Dallas Page. A fair amount of people want to see the Diamond Cutter go against the Stone Cold Stunner, or maybe some people just want to see the man with the eternal rib injury get beat up.

Sting. Whodathunkit. The man who held up WCW for years without thinking of switching was right up there in the votes. How can you dislike a guy with two finishing moves one a devastating reverse DDT and the other a version of the sharpshooter, anyway? Which brings me to...

Bret Hart. I wonder who people want Bret to go after.

Chris Benoit. This guy is intense, and I normally don't care for him because he has the personality of a, well, a Ken Shamrock, but I wouldn't mind seeing Benoit permanently shelf someone...someone...

Chris Jericho. This guy is so funny, so talented, I'm really surprised he didn't get more votes. Shame on all of you. Luckily, he made the top nine with a few votes to spare.

Raven. I'm quite surprised at how popular this guy is. I personally love him, because he's a great wrestler and he can use that mic if he needs to, but my impression was always that no one cared about him.

Saturn. Like two people voted for this guy. He's on the list, anyway. I can do that - I have that power.

In the WCW tag division, there was a lot more competition than their northern neighbours. Though nearly no one voted for Scott Hall, the team of Scott Hall and Kevin Nash received a good chunk of votes. But then, so did High Voltage and the incredibly un-enigmatic combination of Lex Luger and Sting.

Your winners, in the WCW tag division, are the Heat from Harlem, Booker T and Stevie Ray.

Here's how the two sides of the card will look:
Steve Austin Kevin Nash
The Rock Goldberg
Mick Foley DDP
Undertaker Sting
Shawn Michaels Bret Hart
HHH Chris Benoit
Ken Shamrock Chris Jericho
Vince McMahon Raven
Mark Henry Saturn
The NAO Harlem Heat

These are not, I repeat not, the match-ups, just a list of the competitors. As far as the match-ups go, therein lies your job for this week! What match-ups do you want to see?

It's pretty clear that the New Age Outlaws will take on Harlem Heat, so don't waste your votes on that. If you want some other tag team match in addition to the Outlaws/Heat, I'm open to suggestions.

Here's how the singles voting will work. Each person will be entitled to two match ideas. Each match must be between one WWF and one WCW competitor. You can use the same man twice (Steve Austin v. Kevin Nash and Steve Austin v. Goldberg, for example) and both votes will register, but you can't vote for the same match twice.

Of course, any and all ideas will be entertained, including gimmick matches, or anything else you can think of.

Next week, I'm going to post the eight (or maybe nine) most popular matches. After that, I'll be asking you to post what you think would make a good result of that match, complete with a creative description, sort of like the pay-per-view recaps we post here at SLAM!, only you get to make them up. But I don't want results yet.

Thanks for visiting SLAM!, see you in seven. Send email to

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