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1998 WCW Video Clips

Clip, Origin, File Size

Clip: Whooo! Flair rips Bischoff apart., Nitro, (3.3 MB)

Clip: Kevin Nash wins the WCW World Title., Starrcade '98, (3.3 MB)

Clip:Eric Bischoff's attack on the Flair family., Thunder, (3.3 MB)

Clip:The Giant chokeslams DDP through the WCW stand., Nitro, (2.4 MB)

Clip:Scott Hall aids the Wolf Pack., Thunder, (2.4 MB)

Clip:Bigelow, Goldberg and Nash brawl., Nitro, (2.8 MB)

Clip:The Giant chokeslams DDP from the top rope., Thunder, (2.2 MB)

Clip:Wrath executes his finisher., Nitro, (2.5 MB)

Clip:Mysterio and Kidman tangle., Nitro, (2.1 MB).

Clip:Kevin Nash wins the World War 3 battle royal., World War 3, (3.7 MB).

Clip: Bam Bam invades Nitro., Nitro, (2.5 MB).

Clip: Konnan takes a chair to The Giant., Thunder, (2.3 MB).

Clip: Rey Mysterio turns Eddie Guerrero inside out., Nitro, (2.5 MB).

Clip: Jericho is your TV champion., Thunder, (2.8 MB).

Clip: The Hitman excellently executes Lex Luger., Nitro, (3 MB).

Clip: The Giant Chokeslams Raven through a table., Thunder, (3.6 MB).

Clip: Hall and The Giant throw Nash through a wall., Nitro, (3.3 MB).

Clip: The Warrior whips Hogan., Halloween Havoc, (2.5 MB).

Clip: Batter up! The Hit Man sends Sting to the hospital., Halloween Havoc, (1.8 MB).

Clip: Hogan beats on Horace., Nitro, (3.8 MB).

Clip: Cruiserweight mayhem., Thunder, (3.8 MB).

Clip: Ric Flair speaks of the Horsemen., Thunder, (3.8 MB).

Clip: Psychosis takes a big bump., Nitro, (2.5 MB).

Clip: The Hall and Nash bar fight., Nitro, (3.7 MB).

Clip: Raven misses a table dive., Thunder, (930 K).

Clip: The Hitman punks Sting, Hogan cheers., Nitro, (3.7 MB).

Clip: Raven and Kanyon injure one of the Vilanos., Nitro, (1.2 MB).

Clip: The "Flair Returns" intro., Thunder, (3 MB).

Clip: Oopsie! A "tanked" Scott Hall falls through the ring ropes., Nitro, (1.9 MB).

Clip: Ric Flair returns and praises the fans., Nitro, (4.2 MB).

Clip: Wooo! The Nature Boy rips on Bischoff., Nitro, (2.8 MB).

Clip: The Warrior enters War Games., Fall Brawl '98, (1.9 MB).

Clip: Saturn Death Valley Drives Lodi on a table., Fall Brawl '98, (1.4 MB).

Clip: Chris Jericho's unforgettable ring entrance., Fall Brawl '98, (2.4 MB).

Clip: Bret attacks Niedhart and Bulldog., Thunder, (1.9 MB).

Clip: Arn Anderson to the rescue., Nitro, (2.9 MB).

Clip:Rude gives Malenko the Rude Awakening., Thunder, (1.6 MB).

Clip: Bret Hart saves Sting.Nitro,(2 MB).

The Warrior storms the ring., Nitro, (2 MB).

Saturn goes nuts on Raven & Horace., Thunder, (3.0 MB).

Chris Jericho & Chavo Guerrero dropkick Stevie Ray., Nitro, (3 MB).

Warrior returns and says Hogan is 'intolerable'., Nitro, (4.2 MB).

Warrior returns and promises a 'revolution.', Nitro, (4.4 MB).

Warrior has left the building!, Nitro, (2.5 MB).

Hart DDT's Luger on a steel chair., Thunder, (1.7 MB).

Luger wins the U.S. Title., Nitro, (3 MB).

Juvie's wicked move to win the Cruiserweight belt., Road Wild '98, (1.9 MB).

Public Enemy's triple table dive., Road Wild '98, (1 MB).

DDP attacks Bischoff., Thunder, (3.1 MB).

Hogan wails on DDP., Nitro, (2.4 MB).

The Giant chokeslams Goldberg., Nitro, (1.1 MB).

Bret Hart wins the U.S. belt., Nitro, (2.8 MB).

Hogan punks Bagwell. Boo! Hiss!, Nitro, (2.6 MB).

Arn Anderson confronts Malenko and McMichael., Thunder, (2.8 MB).

Malone decks Hogan and Rodzilla., Bash At The Beach '98, (1.8 MB).

Rey Mysterio Jr. beats Jericho., Bash At The Beach '98, (2.5 MB).

Ultimo Dragon attacks Chris Jericho., Thunder, (1.2 MB).

Goldberg wins the World title., Nitro, (3.3 MB).

Wright and Disco clobber Rocco Rock with a table., Thunder, (1 MB).

Karl Malone slams Hollywood., Nitro, (2.6 MB).

Air Saturn goes through Raven and a table., Thunder, (1.6 MB).

Public Enemy uses two tables on Sick Boy., Thunder, (1.4 MB).

Easy E and Hogan injure Savage (not shown on Cdn version of Nitro)., Nitro - Thunder, (1.8 MB).

Sting Death Drops The Giant., GAB, (2 MB).

Malenko and Jericho brawl on the street., GAB, (2 MB).

Hart and Hogan beat on Macho., Thunder, (1.6 MB).

Rodman and Hogan waffle DDP., Nitro, (1.5 MB).

Goldberg's triple Spear., Thunder, (1.2 MB).

Sting joins the Wolf Pack., Nitro, (3.2 MB).

Raven and The Evenflow. Saturn and The Death Valley Driver., Thunder, (1.6 MB).

Lex Luger joins nWo Wolf Pack., Nitro, (1.9 MB).

Benoit sneak attacks Booker T., Thunder, (1.9 MB).

By popular request...the Nitro Girls shaking their booty., Nitro, 2.6 MB.

Scott Hall betrays Kevin Nash., Slamboree '98, 1.9 MB.

A Diamond Cutter off the top of the cage., Slamboree '98, 1.6 MB.

Bischoff challenges McMahon., Nitro, 2.8 MB.

Saturn and Hammer get punked by a stranger., Nitro, 1.4 MB.

Buff Bagwell's injury., Thunder, 1.4 MB.

Bill "Da Man!" Goldberg wins the U.S. belt!, Nitro, 3.3 MB.

Hart helps Hogan reclaim World Title., Nitro, 2.5 MB.

Hogan stabs Kevin Nash in the back., Spring Stampede, 1.6 MB.

Nash helps Savage win the World Title., Spring Stampede, 3.3 MB.

Eddie raps Chavo in the head with a mic., Nitro, 1.2 MB.

Nash power bombs Sting, Hart takes on the nWo., Nitro, 2.1 MB.

Part of the Goldberg promo., Thunder, 1.4 MB.

Jericho beans Prince Iaukea with a metal scale., Nitro, 1.5 MB.

Macho Man bulldozes Sting., Nitro, 2.0 MB.

Hogan and Nash argue., Thunder, 2.0 MB.

DDP and Sting get it on!, Nitro, 1.8 MB.

Raven attacks DDP on MTV, steals belt., MTV, 3 MB.

Sting arrives by helicopter!, Nitro, 2.7 MB.

La Parka splashes both Lodi and Saturn., Thunder, 1.7 MB.

Savage hits a double axe-handle from the top of the cage!., Uncensored, 1.6 MB.

Raven and Benoit throw DDP through the Uncensored sign., Uncensored, 1.8 MB.

Jericho puts one over on Malenko., Thunder, 1.8 MB.

Beefcake / Zodiac / The Disciple / punks Savage!, Nitro, 1.4 MB.

Raven Evenflows Benoit and Page., Thunder, 2.4 MB.

The Hit Man's debut match on Nitro., Nitro, 2.1 MB.

The new Scott Steiner (White Thunder) debuts., Nitro, 2 MB.

Da Man! - Bill Goldberg., Thunder, 1.8 MB.

Scott Steiner turns nWo!, SuperBrawl 8, 2.2 MB.

Sting whips Hogan, SuperBrawl 8, 2.1 MB.

Savage misses Hogan, splatters on the ring fence., Nitro, 1.2 MB.

Raven Evenflows Mortis., Thunder, 1.4 MB.

Kidman feels the Diamond Cutter., Thunder, 1 MB.

Booker T. puts Regal away., Nitro, 1.7 MB.

Nash slams a ref!, Thunder, 1.3 MB.

Sting deals on Savage., Nitro, 1.8 MB.

Flair submits to Hart., Souled Out '98, 2.8 MB.

Dusty joins the nWo., Souled Out '98, 1.9 MB.

The Nest whips Martel through a glass door., Thursday Thunder, 688 K

Sting saves Giant, drops Hogan., Monday Night Nitro, 1.4 MB

Luger racks both Hogan and Nash!, Thursday Thunder, 1.4 MB

The Hit Man pummels Flair., Monday Night Nitro, 1.6 MB

Stripped of the belt, Sting threatens Hogan., Thursday Thunder, 1.1 MB

Macho clobbers Bischoff., Monday Night Nitro, 1.1 MB

Sting splashes Hollywood., Monday Night Nitro, 747 KB

1997 WCW Video Clips

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