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Column: And Nothing but the Truth

Still undecided about WCW acquisition

By ERIC BENNER -- For SLAM! Wrestling
 What an absolutely crazy week it has been. A lot of writers have thrown around the word 'surreal', and that's about as good a way as any to describe this particular week. Wrestlemania is just around the corner, only a few days away, and yet the buzz is not on Wrestlemania. This the first time I can ever recall this being the case. Of course, all eyes are on the new WWF-WCW and the endless myriad of possibilities, not to mention direct consequences.
 Let's have a look at what this latest development really means.
  • Mar. 30: Full column

    The last Monday night war

     Pro wrestling will never be the same after last night. WCW is now owned by the WWF, and is off Monday nights on TNT.
     Our veteran RAW reporter, Dan Titus, and a teary-eyed Nitro reporter Nick Tylwalk filed their reports for your reading pleasure.
  • Mar. 27: Full story

    Column: No Holds Barred

    WCW deal falls apart, promotion taking hiatus

    By DON 'Cyrus' CALLIS -- For SLAM! Wrestling
      The deal between Fusient Media Ventures and AOL-Time Warner to sell WCW to the Eric Bischoff led Fusient contingent apparently fell apart late this past week, leaving the future of World Championship Wrestling in serious doubt.
     Apparently the problem stemmed from AOL executive Jamie Kellner, who is now in charge of the programming on AOL stations, stating that he couldn't guarantee the two prime time television time slots on the company's stations. Those two slots were the most attractive thing about WCW to a potential buyer, so when those were pulled, the entire deal changed, and fell apart.
  • Mar. 25: Full story

    WCW sale has plenty of Flair

    By TIM BAINES -- Ottawa Sun
     The World Wrestling Federation has put the final hammerlock on World Championship Wrestling.
     They hated their rivals of some 20 years so much, they bought their company.
  • Mar. 25: Full story

    Poll results
    What do you think of the WCW sale to WWF?
    Total Votes for this Question: 4134
    43% voted for It's great; 22% voted for It sucks; 35% voted for Too early to tell
    What will you be watching tonight?
    Total Votes for this Question: 1371
    18% voted for RAW; 15% voted for Nitro; 39% voted for RAW, 'cause I live in Canada :-(; 4% voted for Neither; 18% voted for Watching RAW, taping Nitro; 7% voted for Watching Nitro, taping RAW
    What were you most surprised about last night on RAW and Nitro?
    Total Votes for this Question: 2536
    27% voted for Shane McMahon 'owning' WCW
    16% voted for Return of Mick Foley
    24% voted for Vince McMahon publicly firing many WCWers
    7% voted for Doink The Clown was actually Chris Jericho
    26% voted for That the simulcasting actually worked

    SLAM! Wrestling Guest Column

    Smart answers to a myriad of problems

    By VINNIE BARTILUCCI -- For SLAM! Wrestling
     In one day, every wrestling fan and internet geek's wildest dreams have all become possible. Did you used to laugh and point at the guys who'd post on the chat boards and newsgroups about how cool it would be to see Goldberg fight Steve Austin? Laugh no more, it's now a possibility.
      Coke just bought Pepsi. DC just bought Marvel. Microsoft just, never mind, that happens every day.
  • Mar. 24: Full column

    Bret Hart's Sharpshooter

    Wrestling monopoly

    By BRET HART -- Calgary Sun
     I always said the only thing missing from WCW is Vince McMahon.
     Guess what, it seems they've got him.
     It's no secret within the wrestling industry that despite top TV ratings, mismanagement has kept WCW in the red for years, with the exception of a short spell when then WCW president Eric Bischoff turned things around. Last year alone, the company lost $80 million US.
  • Mar. 24: Full column

    WWF buys WCW

     ATLANTA (AP) -- The World Wrestling Federation is buying the ailing World Championship Wrestling business from AOL Time Warner Inc., ending an intense rivalry that has inflamed professional wrestling fans for nearly 20 years. WCW, a division of AOL's Turner Broadcasting System Inc. unit, had been planning to stop production after Monday night, but the deal announced Friday gives it new life. Stamford, Conn.-based WWF, whose Monday show is the top-rated program on cable TV, said it will carry produce new WCW programming to run on The National Network cable channel.
  • Mar. 23: Full story

    Fusient bows out of WCW deal

     ATLANTA (AP) -- Fusient Media Ventures has ended its pursuit of Turner Broadcasting System's World Championship Wrestling because of the network's decision to stop airing professional wrestling.
     Fusient, a New York-based media investment company, announced its withdrawal in a one-sentence statement Tuesday.
  • Mar. 23: Full story

    Column: And Nothing but the Truth

    WWF to stand alone?

    By ERIC BENNER -- For SLAM! Wrestling
     As far as wrestling news and speculation goes, this has been one heck of a week. The Internet world was set on fire when WWF writer and booker Vince Russo went to WCW, and when Radicalz Chris Benoit, Perry Saturn, Dean Malenko, and Eddie Guerrero fled from WCW to the WWF. Now, WCW may very well see its last day of operation before the month is done, and there are all kinds of implications. Beware the Ides of March indeed.
  • Mar. 23: Full column

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