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  Mar 28, 1999

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Outlaws have different takes
By GREG OLIVER -- At WrestleMania
Billy 'Bad Ass' Gunn in the Rage media room.
-- Greg Oliver, CANOE -- Photo
 PHILADELPHIA -- Separating the New Age Outlaws for interviews is the best way to get some interesting responses.
  Take Bad Ass Billy Gunn. When queried, he couldn't remember who the Outlaws faced at last year's WrestleMania.
  "What did we do last year?" he asked, before admitting that he doesn't remember. "Brother, I'm on the road 200 days out of the year. I can't remember one thing to another. All I know is that last year me and Jesse got to beat up two painted guys or something."
  When told that they faced Mick Foley and Terry Funk in a Dumpster match, Gunn replied off-the-cuff.
  "It could have been that. They're all good memories. Can't you tell? I can remember them all!"
  Road Dogg had no problem remembering last year's match, and laughed at his partner's forgetfulness.
  "It was a dumpster match! Jimminee Christmas! He got hit in the head a couple of times since then and maybe he forgot," Road Dogg joked. "But it was the biggest payday I ever got. Probably the biggest one he ever got. Hopefully we're going to get a similar payday at WrestleMania XV."
  Tonight, Road Dogg is in the Fatal Fourway match for his Intercontinental championship. He ran down his opponents for SLAM! Wrestling.
  When told that in an interview last week, that Val Venis considers Road Dogg the wildcard, the Dogg agreed.
  "I've got other things on my agenda other than just Shamrock's sister," he replied. "Val Venis? I hope he does consider me the wildcard. I'd say that I probably am, coming off a Hardcore championship. I'll do what I've got to do to walk out of there with some gold. I still am not too fond of the Intercontinental title. I'd much rather have the Hardcore belt. And Billy still won't trade me. But the payday's are big, and the New Age Outlaws are still on top, and still have gold around their waist."
  He brushed off the man in gold.
  "Goldust has always been a helluva wrestler ever since the Dustin Runnels days in WCW, and hell, I guess even before then. [But] I don't think he's championship material."
  The flipside is Ken Shamrock, who has Road Dogg quaking in his boots.
  "Ken Shamrock is the most dangerous man in the world and I'm scared of him, to be quite honest with you. But I'm hoping he'll wear himself out and I can suckerpunch him, or do something behind his back to knock him out. That's the only way I can beat him, the way I see it."
  Billy Gunn, however, has no fear going into his Hardcore title defence.
  "Am I scared? I'm the hardcore champ!" he practically yelled to the whole media room at the Rage party. "I'm part of the New Age Outlaws. Obviously you don't know. I'm it. I've got it going on. I'm the champ, I go in the champ. I've already beaten the two guys I'm wrestling, Al Snow and Bob Holly. I've already beaten them one on one. It's just that now, I get them both at the same time. I'll beat them both up at the same time. How much better can that get?"
  Fans are clamoring for more of the recent match-up of the Outlaws. The Road Dogg vs Billy Gunn match on RAW ended indecisively with outside interference.
  Again, the Outlaws have differing views on that match and their future together.
  Billy Gunn said they didn't finish match "because we didn't want to," and that there is no competition between the New Age Outlaws.
  "If I had to go in the against him again, I would go just like this (pretends to fall down), and lay right down," Gunn said. "You see that's what the New Age Outlaws are. I'd just lay right down for him."
  Road Dogg doesn't see it quite the same way.
  "There's something unsettled [between the Outlaws] because I didn't beat him, and he didn't beat me," said Road Dogg. "So he thinks he can beat me, and hell, I think I can beat him. It's only natural to be competitive in this sport. Egos do collide, and we will finish that match but I'm not going to say when because, to be quite honest with you, our storybook writers haven't told us that yet."
  But can you take him?
  "Yeah, I think I can take him. I'm the D-O-double-G."

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