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  Mar 29, 1999

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Snake snags Vince
Monday, March 29, 1999

By RYAN PYETTE -- Calgary Sun
  It was a dream night for the Rattlesnake, and a nightmare for World Wrestling Federation owner Vince McMahon and his Corporation.
 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin, the Rattlesnake, regained the WWF heavyweight championship belt by laying the smack down on `The Rock' in front of more than 20,000 fans in Philadelphia, and hundreds more watching on closed-circuit at Calgary's Silver Dollar Casino during Wrestlemania 15 last night.
 About 20 minutes into a classic main-event match, Austin landed his patented 'Stone Cold Stunner' on The Rock after the self-proclaimed Great One missed on his specialty move, `The People's Elbow.'
 Austin celebrated by saluting the crowd and drinking a can of 'Steve-weiser' beer. When a miserable McMahon, whose master plan to control the WWF was foiled by Austin's against-all-odds victory, tried to break up the Austin lovefest, the Rattlesnake gave him a well-deserved Stunner, then a beerbath to close out the event.
 McMahon's Corporation is in a tailspin. Their bodyguard, the Big Boss Man, was hung in his 'Hell in a Cell' match with Ministry of Darkness leader, The Undertaker, as the WWF reached a new low in crudeness.
 But as bad as it was for the Corporation, no gang took as big a hit as Degeneration-X.
 In a startling change of events, female Amazon Chyna reunited with Triple-H to help him beat the Big Red Machine, Kane.
 But Triple-H and Chyna came back later to beat up on D-X cohort X-Pac and help Shane McMahon, Vince's son, keep the European title.
 In other action, RoadDogg kept the Intercontinental title when Ryan Shamrock inexplicably tripped Golddust, and Bob Holly regained the Hardcore title belt from B.A. Billy Gunn.
 Calgary's Owen Hart and partner Jeff Jarrett held on to their tag-team titles, and Butterbean, the big fat boxer, knocked out wrestler-turned-boxer Bart Gunn with three punches.
 The highlight of the night was the return of disgraced ex-baseball star Pete Rose, who, dressed as the San Diego Chicken, ambushed Kane on his way to the ring.
 Rose was trying to avenge his embarrassment at the hands of Kane last Wrestlemania.
 the ring and Tombstoned Rose.
 But despite Rose's ridiculous efforts, the Big Red Machine recovered, grabbed Rose, and tombstoned him again.
 Maybe Rose should have sent out Austin.

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