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  March 31, 2001

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Wrestlemania great big show
By Mr. X -- Ottawa Sun

  Stone Cold Steve Austin sold his soul for the World Wrestling Federation championship last night.

 Forming an unholy alliance with WWF owner Vince McMahon, Austin rocked the Houston Astrodome by defeating The Rock to claim the championship belt at Wrestlemania XVII.

 With The Rock -- co-star in the soon-to-be released The Mummy 2 and scheduled to start filming The Scorpion King -- about to embark on a film career, it was Austin's turn to assume the WWF's top-billing

 In a shocking ending to last night's main event, Austin accepted help from McMahon and bludgeoned the Rock repeatedly with a chair.

 This may end Austin's popularity, as it was a decided switch towards returning to heel status.

 Earlier in the night, with pre-match theme song The Game delivered live by heavy metal veterans Motorhead, Triple H fought the Undertaker.

 And despite splitting open the 'Takers' head, it was game over for Triple H, who fell victim to the Last Ride.

 From the opening moments of the show, with 60,000 screaming people on hand and millions more watching on pay-per-view, fans were treated to nearly four hours of thrills, chills and spills.

 The Tables, Ladders, Chairs match delivered all that was expected and more. Christian and Edge won the tag-team title in a gruelling contest that left carnage around the ring.

 The new champs defeated the Hardys and the Dudleys in a three-way match. Former ECW star Rhino played a big part in the victory, with little Spike Dudley and Lita also getting involved in the action.

 The Gimmick Battle Royale trotted out some of the horrible gimmicks the WWF has created over the years.

 While it was great to see many of these characters with Bobby "The Brain" Heenan and Mean Gene Oakerlund recruited to call the action, the match itself served as nothing more than a bad distraction.

 The participants quickly eliminated each other until only the Iron Sheik was left standing.

 Sgt. Slaughter then re-entered the ring to put the Cobra Clutch on his old adversary.

 It wasn't much consolation and got little buzz from the crowd.

 In other action:

  • Chris Jericho opened the show, retaining his intercontinental championship over William Regal.

  • The Acolytes and Tazz got a popular decision over Right to Censor.

  • Kane won the hardcore title with a gruelling victory over Big Show and Raven.

  • Eddie Guerrero defeated Test with help from Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko.

  • Kurt Angle downed Chris Benoit.

  • Chyna won the women's title by squashing Ivory.

  • Shane McMahon had some help when he defeated his father Vince.

     The elder McMahon's companion, Trish, decided to get involved in a cat fight with Stephanie McMahon.

     And as the women fought their way to the back, Vince clocked special guest referee Mick Foley with a chair.

     Vince then sat his sedated wife Linda in the corner of the ring to watch the pounding he was putting on Shane.

     Linda "awoke" from her sedation to deliver a boot to Vince's grapefruit.

     After Foley pounded Vince, Shane took his turn.

     The father was a beaten man, and will no doubt have something to say about it tonight on WWF RAW.

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