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  April 5, 2000

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Smackdown! and Sunday Night Heat spoilers
By GREG OLIVER -- At WrestleMania

SAN JOSE -- San Jose Sports Arena, home of the Sharks

Pre-Heat: D'Lo Brown beat Joey Abbs

The Cat (in a blonde wig) and Mae Young beat Terri Runnells & Fabulous Moolah when Mae pinned Moolah. Terri wanted no part of Mae in this one, which also featured a double bronco buster.

Heat: Dok Hendrix and Kevin Kelly arrive
Essa Rios with Lita beat Funaki. Good match and the fans were into it. There was a chant of 'Lita' and for some reason, 'USA'.

Crash Holly retained the Hardcore title when he pinned Mark Henry. Crash hit Henry with a cookie sheet, which got Henry real angry, which led to the mistake that cost him the match. A referee then removed his shirt and tried to pin Crash for the title.

Val Venis & Stevie Richards beat the Headbangers. Richards imitated Val's gimmick, but apparently forgot to put anything on under his towel. Richards celebrated the win, but Val wanted no part of it.

Viscera beat Chris Jericho. Y2K called his the "illegitimate love child of Fat Albert and Mr.T." In the end, Chyna distracted the ref while Eddie Guererro clocked Jericho.

SMACKDOWN!: King Lawler and Michael Cole arrive.

Lillian Garcia does the U.S. anthem

RAW is recapped. Shane McMahon is shown on the phone. Show opening.

Chris Benoit pinned Rikishi Phatu to retain the I-C title. It was short. The big guy got his butt move in after the match was over.

Shane & Vince McMahon are in the ring and cut a promo on California. 'Shane's a pussy' chant seems to throw them. Vince calls out Earl Hebner, who counted Rock as the champ Monday, even though HHH-Rock wasn't the actual match. Vince berates him. Next, Vince lectures (and propositions?) Lilian Garcia, who announce Rock as the winner. He announces that he and Shane will face the Rock during Smackdown!

Some personal trainer comes out and tries to get the crowd to exercise. Seriously. Not sure if this will air.

Shane & Vince come back to clarity that they Rock is not, in fact, the champ.

T&A with Trish Stratus come out to a pop, but fall to The Dudleys. Buh-Buh Ray pins Test after the 3D. Crowd wanted to see the Dudleys put Trish through a table.

Kurt Angle tries to talk Scotty Too Hotty into tagging with him.

The Rock is shown.

Tazz vs Saturn ends when both men leave the arena somehow. Likely finish will be edited in, but they sure left the crowd in the arena hanging.

Kevin Kelly interviewed The Rock. He promised to raise the People's Hand against the McMahons.

The fitness announcer returned. Yawn.

DX is shown arriving on their bus.

Big Bossman and Bull Buchanan beat Al Snow & Steve Blackman.

An Eddie Guerrero & Chyna segment airs. Funny.

Eddie and Chyna come out to new entrance music -- Mama Cita! Great promo on Jericho. Of course, Y2K arrives to clean house.

Angle tries to convince Essa Rios to tag with him.

Jericho returns to work the crowd, probably to kill time.

Shane & Vince talk to DX backstage.

Dean Malenko pinned Taka Michinoku to retain the Light Heavyweight belt. Really cool finisher that I'd never seen before.

Shane chats with the new Big Show in the locker room. We don't see how he's dressed tonight, however.

Stephanie McMahon convinces her father to let Road Dogg & X-Pac face the Rock instead.

The fitness gal returns, but as much more of a heel.

Mae Young tries to convince Angle to let her be his partner. He signs up Hardcore Holly instead.

The Big Show, dressed as a pimp, beats The Godfather. One of the ho's goes home with the Show.

Edge & Christian beat Kurt Angle and Hardcore Holly to retain the tag titles. Christian pinned Holly. "I should have picked Mae Young instead of you," says Angle.

The Rock vs Road Dogg & X-Pac doesn't really have a finish, probably because Triple H is the ref. In the end, The Rock stands victorious, wielding a chair over the McMahons and DX.

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