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    80 people injured in accident

     PARIS (AP) -- An apparently panicked driver plowed into a group of fans celebrating France's World Cup victory early today, injuring 80 people, 11 seriously, hospital officials said.
     The accident happened as the city erupted in joy after France's 3-0 victory over Brazil in Sunday's championship game. At least a million people streamed to the Champs-Elysees to celebrate.
  • July 13: Full story
  • July 12: 60 injured in accident

    France, England win FIFA Fair Play Award

     ZURICH (AP) -- World soccer champions France and England are the joint winners of the World Cup's Fair Play Award, world soccer's governing body FIFA said today.
     Both teams averaged 828 points in the fair play classification during the tournament, which ended Sunday when finalists France beat opponents Brazil 3-0.
  • July 14: Full story

    World Cup TV ratings are close to nil

     NEW YORK (AP) -- The biggest upset in a World Cup final in nearly five decades was of little help to ABC's television ratings.
     The 40-market overnight rating for Sunday's final between Brazil and France, produced a 6.9 rating/17 share, 46 percent lower than the 12.8 overnight for the Brazil-Italy final in 1994.
  • July 13: Full story
  • July 13: Straight A's for BBC, F for ABC

    An ocean away, the cry is for France

    By MARIA F. DURAND -- Associated Press
     French soccer fans flooded one of Manhattan's ritziest streets Sunday, dancing on cars amid chants of "Vive la France."
     They crowded in front of televisions set up on Fifth Avenue as part of the city's Bastille Day celebration. But the tribute to food and wine did not stand a chance against France's 3-0 triumph over Brazil in the World Cup final.
  • July 12: Full story

    Britain apologizes for hooligans

     LONDON (AP) -- Britain was "unlikely" to compensate France for the costs of policing English fans at the soccer World Cup, Sports Minister Tony Banks told BBC radio on Sunday.
  • July 12: Full story

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