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Celebrating 25 years of the Toronto Sun

The Rising of the SUN

  Significant dates in Sun history:
  Oct. 30, 1971: Toronto Telegram folds
  Nov. 1, 1971: The Toronto Sun born with $650,000 in financing. Publishes Monday to Friday
  Sept. 16, 1973: Sunday Sun introduced
  April 2, 1978: Edmonton Sun launched
  June 1978: Sun goes public with $7.4-million share offer
  May 2, 1980: Sun acquires Canada Wide Features Service
  Aug. 3, 1980: Calgary Sun launched
  Feb. 26, 1982: Maclean Hunter buys 50% of Sun for $54 million
  Dec. 2, 1983: Sun buys Houston Post for US$100 million
  Sept. 13, 1986: First edition of Saturday Sun
  Nov. 20, 1987: Houston Post sold
  Dec. 31, 1987: Sun buys Financial Post weekly
  Feb. 2, 1988: Launched daily Financial Post
  March 28, 1988: Sun buys Comprint, a Washington-based printing business, for US$10.25 million
  April 11, 1988: Acquires Bowes Publishers, a chain of small dailies, weeklies and special interest magazines
  Sept. 4, 1988: Ottawa Sun launched
  June 19, 1989: Announces acquisition of Florida chain of papers for US$14.5 million
  Nov. 4, 1992: Doug Creighton out, Paul Godfrey in, as Sun president
  Feb. 2, 1994: Rogers Communications announces $3.1-billion takeover of Maclean Hunter
  July 1, 1995: Sun's page size shrinks by one and a half inches
  Dec. 15, 1995: Sun sells its commercial printing business in Washington for $12 million
  March 4, 1996: Sun launches online website, CANOE
  May 7, 1996: Rogers announces it's selling its 62.5% share in Sun Publishing
  Oct. 3, 1996: Deal closes on Sun management-led buyout worth $411 million. CIBC-Wood Gundy and Ontario Teachers Pension Fund are main partners. Sun Media Corporation is born

Against all odds, the little paper grew

  It seems like only yesterday ....
  Okay, not quite yesterday. More like 9,133 yesterdays and about 8,000 Suns ago.
  It's our 25th birthday today, a long way from overcoming the odds of those predicting our demise within weeks and months after the launch on Nov. 1, 1971.
  There's been some bumps, several ownership changes, even a change to a smaller page size along the way, but today the Sun chain of newspapers stretches across the country and readership is counted in the millions each day.
  In this section we're doing some reminiscing, revisiting each year since 1971 in headlines and SUNshine Girls, and listing the ever debatable top 25 stories, trends and people.
  The Sun sold itself as "Toronto's Other Voice" back in 1971, and 25 years later we still do. We're older, bigger, hopefully wiser. What remains constant is a commitment to you, the readers.
  It is what has made the last 25 years a great experience, and the next 25 a great challenge. So stick around ... it's going to be fun.

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