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Peter Worthington


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The Sun's first editorial
November 1, 1971

Our reason why

  This is the first edition of The Toronto Sun, and an appropriate occasion to lay it on the line where we stand editorially. Our aim is to be an outspoken, independent voice for Toronto. We have no sacred cows, no editorial taboos. We are masters in our own newsroom, chaotic and unnerving as that cramped newsroom is at the moment.

 The death throes of the Tely lasted six weeks before burial on Saturday. That's too long. It's been difficult trying to keep a dead newspaper breathing after its death notice while simultaneously attempting to be midwife to a new paper.

 Now with the Tely gone, it's fashionable to say that Toronto can't support three daily papers. We disagree. We aren't all that impressed with the editorial voices of the other two papers, and we believe the people want -- and need -- a third opinion.

 Like beauty, definitions vary with the interpreter.

 We define ourselves as a politically non-partisan voice of moderation. That may sound wishy-washy, but we won't be. It's high time the voice of moderation in Canada made itself heard loudly and clearly, in firm answer to the shrill nonsense and ideology that is espoused these days in the name of democracy and humanity.

 We are neither right nor left; we dislike fanatics of any hue, and are prepared to tackle the arrogant left and the misguided right when occasion demands.

 We are a morning paper, on sale when the Globe and Mail is. We aren't necessarily competing, but attempting to carve out a different market.

 As well as carrying crisp, opinionated news we will be strong in sports and entertainment.

 We won't have "women's pages" as such, but will have articles that should appeal to women. We believe the traditional journalistic custom of segregating women's articles in special columns is both insulting, patronizing and unnecessary.

 One thing The Sun is not, is a smaller edition of the Telegram.

 We are ourselves, and politicians and fringe groups had better believe it.

 The Sun rose today for the first time. If we can practise what we preach it should be a long time before The Sun sets.

 That will depend on you, the readers. And on us.

 We hope you'll let us know what you think.


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  • The rising of The Sun

    Significant dates in Sun history: -- Oct. 30, 1971: Toronto Telegram folds
     -- Nov. 1, 1971: The Toronto Sun born with $650,000 in financing. Publishes Monday to Friday
     -- Sept. 16, 1973: Sunday Sun introduced
     -- April 2, 1978: Edmonton Sun launched
     -- June 1978: Sun goes public with $7.4-million share offer
     -- May 2, 1980: Sun acquires Canada Wide Features Service
     -- Aug. 3, 1980: Calgary Sun launched
     -- Feb. 26, 1982: Maclean Hunter buys 50% of Sun for $54 million
     -- Dec. 2, 1983: Sun buys Houston Post for US$100 million
     -- Sept. 13, 1986: First edition of Saturday Sun
     -- Nov. 20, 1987: Houston Post sold
     -- Dec. 31, 1987: Sun buys Financial Post weekly
     -- Feb. 2, 1988: Launches daily Financial Post
     -- March 28, 1988: Sun buys Comprint, a Washington-based printing business, for US$10.25 million
     -- April 11, 1988: Acquires Bowes Publishers, a chain of small dailies, weeklies and special interest magazines
     -- Sept. 4, 1988: Ottawa Sun launched
     -- June 19, 1989: Announces acquisition of Florida chain of papers for US$14.5 million
     -- Nov. 4, 1992: Doug Creighton out, Paul Godfrey in, as Sun president
     -- Feb. 2, 1994: Rogers Communications announces $3.1-billion takeover of Maclean Hunter
     -- July 1, 1995: Sun's page size shrinks by 11/2 inches
     -- Dec. 15, 1995: Sun sells its commercial printing business in Washington for $12 million
     -- March 4, 1996: Sun launches online website, CANOE
     -- May 7, 1996: Rogers announces it's selling its 62.5% share in Sun Publishing
     -- Oct. 3, 1996: Deal closes on Sun management-led buyout. CIBC-Wood Gundy and Ontario Teachers Pension Fund main partners. Sun Media Corporation is born
     -- Dec. 9, 1998: Sun Media sold to Quebecor.

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