New guide helps travellers find best hotel deals throughout the year

Booking a hotel in New York in January can save you big bucks, according to a travel guide. (Stuart...

Booking a hotel in New York in January can save you big bucks, according to a travel guide. (Stuart Monk/


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Number crunchers over at a leading hotel booking site in Asia have come up with a handy calendar to help travellers find the best hotel deals. In a New York state of mind but on a budget? According to's travel wheel, booking a room in the first week of January can save you up to 40% off the average room rate.

The same goes for Rome.

To create the chart, analysts looked at booking data from hundreds of thousands of guests in 2013 and examined hotel prices at 25 of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

Their advice? Avoid cities like Oslo and Istanbul in May at the height of peak season, or you'll likely end up paying 50% more on your room.

The chart also shows that, in general, the cheapest time to book hotels is at the beginning of the year: Average room rates during the first two weeks of January were found to be below average in all 25 markets.

Travellers looking to visit Barcelona, London or Oslo should also bookmark the month of March which can be rife with deals, while June and July are the best times to book hotels in Dubai, Milan and Vienna.

If you want to escape the Christmas fuss, consider Oslo, Stockholm or Riyadh, where hotel rates are cheapest.

Travelers bound for Asia, meanwhile, may be disappointed to learn that hotel prices tend to be consistent throughout the year and discounts marginal.

While the cheapest time to travel to Tokyo, for instance, may be the first week of January, room rates were just 17% cheaper than average.

Same goes for Seoul, where room rates drop a modest 10 percent at the beginning of the year.

Meanwhile, recently released a tip sheet on how to score the cheapest plane ticket.

Chief among their tips? Avoid flying on the weekends and book a flight midweek. Flying on a Tuesday and Wednesday this summer, for example, was shown to save up to $78 compared to those who flew on a Sunday.